Sunday, November 26, 2006

I had lovely time with my Childminder on Thursday and Friday, but Saturday was rather quiet. We went into Whitchurch to do some bits and bobs and to pick up some Christmas cards, and then when we finished we went to the to the park near the Library. The park was quiet small (I went on both sets of swings twice), but the best thing about it was the skate park: Dad took me on the half pipe with my pram!

On Sunday, we met up with Bella and her parents in Penarth. We both had a great time running about and climbing on the benches on the pier. I really liked looking at the sea through the boards. After we'd run around for a while, we had lots of yummy Cake in a cafe.

The afternoon was very exciting too, as my mate Ewan and Ellie can round and we all went to the park! I had a great time playing on all the swings and things (although I did manage to fall over and hurt my lip). I was wiped out by the end of the day, and starving hungry from all the fresh air: we had Roast Dinner for tea and I ate all my tea and some of Dad's too! It was a good day.

Hi Will!!

It was great to see you and your Mum and Dad albeit for just a short time.. I loved your toys and next time i want to stay an extra day just to play with them. Also sorry for not being in touch since then as i had to go back to Germany and then here to America. Make sure you dont get too tall Will as sitting on those planes wiht my legs is no fun :( - Miss you already and i will send something over from Christmas (Make sure you get the elephant from Nana that i forgot in my bag!! durrh!)


If you can say "I want my nice red elephant Uncle Dave brought back from Thailand" you can have it, otherwise it's going to carry on keeping MY nice red elephant company on my windowsill xxx
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