Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I've had a pretty quiet week so far: On Monday morning we went to Playgroup where I had a lovely time messing about with my mate Ewan. On Tuesday we went to Tots in the morning and then we went swimming in the afternoon as normal. Swimming was fun as always, and I finally learnt to blow bubbles in the water! (It's only taken me a year to learn how to do this; Mum has been very patient...) I also managed to move myself through the water a bit by kicking furiously, although it's really hard work. I was very tired by the end of the day.

I played my favourite falling over game at Gym Tots on Wednesday morning. The floor is all bouncy there, and you can throw yourself backwards on it without hurting your head at all and I think it's hilarious. I even played under the parachute for a bit (normally I find it a bit scarey). After we were done there, we went over to visit Nate and we ended up staying for lunch. Nate has some great toys, although we both seemed to end up wanting to play with the same ones (sharing is hard!)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

I had lovely time with my Childminder on Thursday and Friday, but Saturday was rather quiet. We went into Whitchurch to do some bits and bobs and to pick up some Christmas cards, and then when we finished we went to the to the park near the Library. The park was quiet small (I went on both sets of swings twice), but the best thing about it was the skate park: Dad took me on the half pipe with my pram!

On Sunday, we met up with Bella and her parents in Penarth. We both had a great time running about and climbing on the benches on the pier. I really liked looking at the sea through the boards. After we'd run around for a while, we had lots of yummy Cake in a cafe.

The afternoon was very exciting too, as my mate Ewan and Ellie can round and we all went to the park! I had a great time playing on all the swings and things (although I did manage to fall over and hurt my lip). I was wiped out by the end of the day, and starving hungry from all the fresh air: we had Roast Dinner for tea and I ate all my tea and some of Dad's too! It was a good day.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

We went to Tots as normal on Tuesday morning, and Mum and me tried to go swimming on Tuesday afternoon but the pool was closed because the heaters had broken down. i reckon they've been broken for a while because I used to go blue before I got my wetsuit. It all worked out alright because I we went to Softplay with Ewan for a really long time instead. Me and Ewan had a great time pushing the big barrel around the room, and then we found that we could unzip some of the big shapes and pick out the stuffing! (Mum was a bit cross about that though)

Mum said I was a bit horrid on Wednesday. I reckon I've got an excuse because I've got a bit of a cold and my teeth hurt and I didn't sleep very well last night. When I get into that state I have to do naughty things to take my mind off it. By the time we left to go to Gym Tots, Mum wasn't very happy with me at all. We had great time at Gym Tots though. In the afternoon we went round to see Mabli. She's really clever: she understands Welsh and can even get things of the right colour when her Mum asks her to. We had a great time running about her playroom (I can run a bit faster than she can). I'm looking forward to seeing her at the SCIPS Christmas Party.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I woke up early on Saturday because I could tell it was going to be an exciting day. Dad took me to softplay in the morning and I had a great time charging about and fall over things on purpose. Then we went to the Big Shop on the way back, and after that we popped into the Village to pick up a few things from the shops there. I was really rather tired after all of that and I almost fell asleep in the car, but Dad decided to keep me awake by singing at me in a very jolly and loud voice (it was very irritating).

After my nap, we all went out in the car again and we went to the train station. The trains were very exciting (they go "Duh Duh!"). And then it got even more exciting because Uncle Dave appeared! (And I lost my shoe, and Mum was going to be cross with Dad about it but it was OK because the nice lady who let us into the station found it).

Uncle Dave is very tall but very kind: he brought me a really cool Xylophone all the way from Germany! When we got home, I showed him all my toys and my house (I really enjoyed showing him my new room). I played with Uncle Dave the whole afternoon and we all had a great time. Later on, Uncle Dave helped put me in the bath and read me some of my favourite stories at bedtime.

Mum and Dad were very pleased on Sunday because I woke up a bit late. Mum and Dad said felt much better for a lie in so I said "Raahhhh!" (I thought they said Lion). After breakfast, we all went down to the the Bay for a wander and some coffee. It was a bit chilly, but I had a great time running about and playing with the benches and railings and things. We found some Stone Dragons to play with, and a small Playground with some strange and noisy toys in it.

We then stopped off for some early lunch at the Norwegian Church. I helped Mum and Uncle Dave with their Hot Chocolates and Uncle Dave let me have some of his yummy cake (I think Uncle Dave is fab). Then we had to take Uncle Dave back to the station. I really enjoyed seeing Uncle Dave and I was a bit sad when he had to go (I said "Diy Diy Day" as we were leaving). I hope we see him him again soon.

Finally, it's also Aunty Sally's birthday today! I'm excited about it because I helped Dad choose the present and I helped decorate the wrapping paper. I hope she has lots of cake and yummy things to eat!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I saw lots of Diggers and Lorries on Monday. We went to Playgroup as normal in the morning with Bella and Ewan, and then on the way back we walked past a Digger! The driver saw me waving at him and so we stopped and chatted for a bit. It was very exciting! Then when we got home, the Binmen arrived and they waved at me too! And when we decided to go to the Library in the late afternoon, we saw another set of Binmen and they waved at me as well! I was very happy in the Library because I found a book with lots of Diggers in it.

We did loads of things on Tuesday. We went to Tots in the morning, and then we went to softplay with my mate Ewan just after lunch, and then I went swimming! As you can imagine, I was quiet tired after all that! I wore my new wetsuit for swimming and it was great: I was toasty warm even though Mum said the pool was freezing!

Bob sent his Carpet People round today. They spent a lot of time hammering things on the stairs, but I didn;t get much chance to help them because they turned up a bit late and we had to zoom off to Gym Tots as soon as they arrived. We stayed out for lunch too, and then as soon as I woke up after my nap we went off in the car to find Dad (Mum had to go to Work this afternoon).

We met up with Dad by his Work, and then me and Dad went off in the Backcarrier to catch a Train (they go "Duuuh! Duuuh!") to go see Dr Hedgehog the Dentist. It didn't take long to get there (we also got to travel for free cos I smiled nicely at the Guard!) and we were soon playing with some toys in the waiting room. Dr Hedgehog was very nice and let me carry some toys into his room so that I could play while he was looking at Dad's teeth. I was very good, but I got a bit bored after a while so I decided to try entertaining the nurse by shouting "Rahhhh!" at her.

We walked home after that, and got a bit wet in the rain. By the time we got back, the Carpet People had all gone home, but they had finished fitting the carpet everywhere. I think the new carpet is great, particularly as I can now clamber up the stairs without getting spiked by nasty gripper rods!

I was very pleased to see Mum when she got back. Mum was very pleased to see me too, particularly because I managed to call her by name: "Mumumum".

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I went to my lovely Childminder on Thursday. Unfortunately I made a really big fuss when Mum left as I didn't want her to leave me (I think I got used to having her around all the time during half-term). Fortunately, my tantrum didn't last long, and I make an equal amount of fuss when Mum came to take me away! I had a lovely time at my Childminder's on Friday though, mainly because we had lots of yummy things to eat.

We all went swimming on Saturday morning. I normally go a bit blue round the edges when I've been in the pool for a bit (I seem to have inherited Dad's circulation), but Mum found me a wetsuit to wear and we thought we'd better try it out before my lesson on Tuesday. It was great: I was really warm and I didn't go blue at all! Even better, it makes me more buoyant so swimming all on my own is now much easier (swimming all on my own is hilarious, but laughing underwater isn't).

In the afternoon, we met up with Bella and her parents at the Llanishen Farm Shop. Me and Bella had some William Dribble cake and then we all went outside to play on the toys and to look at the goats (they tried to eat my coat!)

Sunday was fairly quiet, but we had a bit of a disaster at lunchtime when I managed to fall out of my chair! It's got a removable tray which keeps me pinned in when I'm eating, but I've never managed to release the catches before. As you might imagine, I was rather surprised when the tray suddenly came loose! However, I was less than pleased to find my head bouncing off the table and the radiator on the way down to the floor. I wasn't very happy! Luckily, other than managing to bite my tongue on the way down and dribbling blood all over my new jumper, I wasn't too badly damaged. Needless to say, I was very well strapped in at teatime...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Things have gone back to normal now that half term is over. We had a fairly quiet day on Monday: we met up with my mate Ewan at Playgroup in the morning and I spent the afternoon helping Mum sort things out at home.

On Tuesday, we went to Tots in the morning and we went to my swimming lesson in the afternoon. I didn't manage to get much of a nap before we had to go to my lesson, and I was still very sleepy when we got to the pool. I like to chew my Muggy Square when I'm tired and my teeth hurt, and today I was very tired. Most days I only chew it for a few moments before dropping it to go and do something, but today I wouldn't let go of it at all! In fact, I kicked up such a fuss that Mum let me chew it all the way to the poolside! (She wouldn't let me take it in the pool however, and I was very jealous of one of the other toddlers who had somehow managed to get their dinosaurs in the pool too).

I had a great time at Gym Tots on Wednesday: I learned to climb up some really tricky ladders to get to the bigger slides, and I had a lovely time bashing the sticks together during the songs. Then in the afternoon, Mum took me to the Hospital to see the Optician. I was a bit worried to start with, but I was soon distracted by a pile of really cool toys in the waiting room. The only problem was that just as I was getting started, we were called in to see the Optician! Fortunately, she was very nice and didn't try to do anything nasty to me at all. It seems that there's nothing much wrong with my eyesight now, which is great. However, we have to go back again in nine months for another checkup; when we go back I hope I get to spend more time in the waiting room!

We went to play in Heath Park after going to the Hospital. They've got loads of great things for toddlers like me to play on, and it was very exciting.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I met my mate Ewan at the Wacky Warehouse on Thursday. Aunty Claire, Ewan's sister Ellie, Aunty Jan and Aunty Jemma were all there too, so it was a bit busy. We all had lots of good food and then we all played in the ball pool. It was great fun!

I had a very exciting day on Friday. Me and Mum travelled into town on the Bus (it goes "Brummm!") and then we went to the Museum. It was very exciting: we saw Dinosaurs (they go "Raahhhh!") and I did a lot of running about in the gallery. Mum bought me a really cool Dinosaur in the shop:

Then we went off to find Dad at his Work. I was a bit sleepy by then, and fell fast asleep just as I arrived. Luckily, one of Dad's coworkers had a Special Car that went all by itself! I woke up very quickly when I saw it, and then I had a great time chasing it around the office. We went out for lunch and I ate a huge Baked Potato with Cheese and Beans all by myself.

It was very sunny on Saturday morning, so we decided to go to Roath Park to feed the ducks. I like feeding the ducks because I can steal bits of their bread to eat. We stopped in the cafe for a drink and some cake and then we went to play on the swings until I got cold hands. I like Roath Park.

We went down to Cardiff Bay on Sunday morning. It was very sunny, and I had a lovely time running about and playing with some funny metal sculptures. Then we found a farm exhibition with cows and sheep and a really cool red Tractor:

We stayed for lunch at an Italian, where I had some yummy Italian Cheese on Toast and some of Mum and Dad's lunch too.

Dad took me upstairs after my tea and started to get me undressed. I was very cross as I thought it was bedtime and we hadn't watched Story Makers and I'd not even been in the bath! But after putting me in my babygrow, he started to get me dressed! I started to get that "Something Is Going On" feeling again. Then we all put our coats on and we all went outside in the dark: it was all very exciting! Then Mum and Dad lit some Sparklers and we all waved them around (Mum even managed to write my name).

The excitement didn't end there: once the sparklers had gone out, we went back inside, put me on the back carrier and then we went out for a walk, in the dark! I was very excited. There were lots of bangs and squeals and flashes of light in the sky: I thought they were pretty. Mum said they were "Fireworks&, and that we were going to see lots more.

After a short time, I noticed lots of other people walking the same direction. A little later, we arrived at the Fire Station. There were lots of people there, including Bella, my mate Ewan and his sister Ellie, and some of my friends from Tots! I did some dancing to the loud music and we watched some men make a really big fire. And then the Fireworks started. They were very loud (some of them made me jump), and they were very pretty. I watched them very carefully.

It was over all too soon. I watched some more fireworks as we walked home, but I was quite tired and my head kept sinking on to Dad's shoulder. I went straight to sleep when I got home.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

We didn't go to Playgroup on Monday because it was half term. So instead we arranged to meet up with all my friends from Tots at Gym Tots. However, when we got there we found out that it had been cancelled! We were all very cross, but it all turned out alright as the Mums decided we should all go out for lunch at the Wacky Warehouse instead. We all had a great time playing on all the things, then we all sat down to lunch and had a great time swapping bits of lunch between ourselves.

Mum has bought some new shape cutters, so in the afternoon I helped her make some cookies (I mostly helped by pushing the flour on to the floor). The shape cutters are great and let you make cookies in that look like cars and planes and people and things:

They took ages to bake, but they were really yummy when they were done. When they were cool, we took some round to Aunty Jenny's house for her to try (we gave her some of the good ones, but I think the funny-shaped ones tasted the best).

On Tuesday, we went swimming with my mate Ewan. We nearly didn't make it in to the pool, as I had a bit of a disaster in the changing rooms: I was sitting on the bench in my trunks when I decided that I wanted to get down to run about with Ewan. Unfortunately, I must have misjudged it a bit as all of a sudden my head was bouncing off the floor! It was a very hard floor and I was very sad about it. I've got a big purply lump there now, and it's still quiet tender today. We did manage to go swimming in the end though, and we all had a great time.

We went into the Village today to get some more milk (we get through a lot of milk these days). Then we went off to the farm shop to have some William Dribble Cake with Bella and her Mum. Me and Bella had a great time looking at the horses and playing on the toy tractors.

After my sleep, I got a bit bored of playing in the house and so I took Mum off to the park to play on the swings instead. It was a lovely sunny day outside, but very cold and I didn't want to stay at the park long because my hands got a bit cold (I have my Dad's circulation). Mum tried to put some gloves on me, but I hate wearing gloves and I tried to get them off the whole way home.

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