Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Today was Mum's birthday! I helped unwrap her presents, which was very exciting (there was lots of shiny wrapping paper). Then while Mum went in the shower, I went downstairs to help make breakfast with Dad and we secretly set up a cake with candles and everything. When Mum came down we sang "Happy Birthday" and I helped blow out the candles. It was great!

It was a very busy day: we went to Tots in the morning where everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Mum again. And after lunch we went to my swimming lesson! Unfortunately, I've not been feeling too well these past few days (I've got one of my nasty cough-cough-cough-sick colds), and I was sick all over the changing room just before we were about to go in the pool. We still managed to go swimming, although Mum did drag me out every time I started to cough...

After that we did some shopping at Marks and Spencers. I went in the trolley and played with Mum's keys, so it wasn't too boring. When we'd finished there, we went to do some more shopping in Boots, but it didn't last long as Mum suddenly realised that she couldn't find her keys! She asked me where I'd put them but I'd forgotten (I think she was a bit cross with me). We then spent quite a long time wandering around the shop asking people if they'd seen them but noone had. Mum wasn't very happy.

In the end, we gave up looking and Mum contacted kind Aunty Aimee to come and rescue us. However, just as she arrived in the carpark, someone came out of the shop with the keys! We were all very pleased (I was getting hungry), so we all went back to our house for a snack and a drink. We were all a bit tired after all the excitment, and I wasn't feeling very well, so we watched the TV:

I think Mum had an eventful birthday, but I hope she enjoyed it.

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