Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ma has been staying with us this week, and it's been great, although rather busy. It started on Monday morning when some Decorators arrived (they're a bit like Builders, but they don't make as much mess and they're a bit quieter). I helped them by rearranging their brushes and tools for them, but pretty soon Mum decided that it might be best if I left them alone, so I had to make do with watching them from the playroom instead. They were really speedy: by the end of the day they'd painted the entire stairwell twice!

After the excitment of meeting the Decorators, we then took Mum to see a man in a funny white coat called Mr Hedgehog the Dentist. I sat quietly with Ma while the Dentist put Mum in a funny chair and poked her mouth with shiny and buzzy things. It didn't look like much fun to me, and I wasn't very happy when the Dentist tried to put a shiny thing in my mouth too. He did let me play with the shiny thing later though, and he gave me a Scooby-Doo sticker for being brave; so I think he's OK really.

Later on Monday, we met up with lots of different groups of my friends at Gym Tots. There were lots of my friends from Tots, and my mate Ewan was there too. We had a great time playing on the Big Softplay, and I really enjoyed banging some sticks together in the singy bit. I also learnt how to walk on a beam (it's a bit tricky but it's not too bad if you don't look down). Mum had to go to Work in the afternoon, and so Ma ended looking after me all by herself. We went to the park and the library, and generally had a great time.

We tried to stay out of the house on Tuesday to give the Decorators some space to paint. Tuesday is always very busy: we go to Tots in the morning and then we go Swimming in the afternoon. And after swimming we went out to a cafe in Whitchurch, where I polished off an enormous Flapjack all by my self (it was yummy). By the time we got back home, the Decorators had finished and were playing football with some of the big children in my road! Everyone seems really pleased with the result, although I think it's a bit smelly.

Ma also finished my new blanket today. It's taken a lot of effort, but I think it's great: it's really warm and I like cuddling up in it:

We didn't do much today, partly because it was raining and partly because I was a bit tired after all the excitment of the past few days (I slept for over two hours this afternoon!). I was a bit sad at lunchtime because we had to take Ma to the station at lunchtime so she could go back home. The trains were quite exciting though: they go "Duu Duu", and there were lots of them. Ma's train didn't go straight away, so I had plenty of opportunity to say "Di Di, Da" and wave her bye-bye. It was sad to see her go, but I'm sure we'll see her again soon.

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