Sunday, October 08, 2006

I've been a bit poorly this week. We went to Roath Park with Bella on Wednesday to feed the ducks, but I was a bit sad about the whole thing (Mum had to try very hard to get a smile for the photo!) Bella had a good time feeding the ducks though.

I went to my Childminder's on Thursday, but I wasn;t feeling well at all. As my lovely Childminder said to Mum: "He wasn't himself - all he wanted to do was sit on my lap and be cuddled, and several people remarked that they'd never seen me sit so still!" I was very tired by the time we got home; in fact I was so tired I refused to go in the bath.

I was feeling a bit better on Friday morning, so we decided to try me at my Childminders again. In retrospect, it wasn't the best idea: I was fine for the first half hour, but then I started to cough and feel poorly again and nothing would make me feel better. In the end, Dad had to come home from work to get me. We went home via the Doctors, and after listening to my chest they decided to give me some yummy yellow antibiotics.

After a long sleep I felt a bit better, so Dad and me baked some biscuits and made Naughty NooNoo eat Po's scooter on the computer:

We've had a quiet weekend, and I've done quiet a lot of sleeping. We did go out for a Pub Lunch with Bella this afternoon (I had a lasagne, but everyone's else food seemed to be much tastier so I ened up eating that instead). Afterwards, everyone came back to our house for cake and coffee, and I showed Bella how to play with my Moomin beach ball.

Bad luck Will - I hope the antibiotics have kicked in by now and that you're feeling MUCH better xxx
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