Sunday, October 29, 2006

It rained all day on Saturday and I was very bored. We did jobs all day: we went to see Bob the Carpet in the morning where I played with some of Bob's toys, then on the way back we stopped to get some cat food. When we finally got back home, we went out for a walk in the rain (and I nearly fell asleep). We did more jobs in the afternoon, and finished off by going to the Really Big Shop. It wasn't too bad though, I got to run around a lot and I helped Mum and Dad choose a new kettle (we got a shiny one). We also got me another CBeebies Comic, 'cos I had so much fun playing with the one Ma got me last week:

The weather was much better on Sunday, but it took me a long time to get Mum and Dad out of bed in the morning. They said that "the clocks had changed" and that I should go back to sleep, but it didn't make much sense to me. And I couldn't see any difference in the clocks when I finally managed to get everyone up. I did seem to spend most of the day feeling tired and hungry though.

In the afternoon, my mate Ewan and his sister Ellen came round and we all went to park to play. Ewan rode his trike all the way there, and Ellen took her scooter so we got there really fast. Ewan impressed everyone by learning how to peddle his trike while we were there, and Ellen was very kind and pushed me on the swings for ages. We all had a great time!

Hi Will,

I am in Europe at the moment and it is bl%^dy freezing!! BTW: that latest pic reminds me of your great grandpa Margetts for some reason..

I am in Germany at the moment and i have a plan now to come and see you on the 18th of November at your house in Cardiff!! Can't wait to see you again boy-yo!

Big D
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