Sunday, September 17, 2006

After my day of accidents on Monday, you might have thought I might have learnt to take things a bit steadier. I did try to be more careful (I even started come down of the sofa backwards instead of head-first), but it somehow didn't stick. I went to the Wacky Warehouse on Friday with my lovely Childminder, and I was having a great time chasing the big children around when I slipped and managed to hit my head on the only bit that didn't have a soft covering. It hurt a lot and it took a whole Gingerbread Man to make it all better again. Dad puts my clumsiness down to a growth spurt; we all hope it sorts itself out soon!

On Saturday, we went to Thornhill Farm; we went there with my Childminder last week and I think it's great. Dad and me bought some nice things to eat while Mum chatted to the owner (it turns out she used to work at Mum's school: I think Mum knows everyone). Then we went out and had some yummy William Dribble Cake in the coffee shop and I played with the toys in the playground:

I saw lots of animals at the farm: donkeys, horses, sheep and a huge dog (he said "Arf! Arf! Arf!" and was very friendly). Mum said they have Reindeers at Christmas time, and that she would organise a Tots trip to see them.

We had a very quiet Sunday. I went to Church with Mum in the morning and had a lovely time running up and down, playing with Bella and trying to give my truck to the people who sit on the ends of the benches. Then later on I played on my slide with some of the big children from over the road: they helped me roll an apple down it, which I thought was very funny. And after that we all went out to the park to play on the swings. Lots of other people must have had the same idea as it was very busy and I met some of my friends from Tots.

William, I cannot believe how much you are growing - and how handsome you are becoming with all that gorgeous blond hair! (you get that form auntie ceri, right?) You just make sure you take things a bit slower so you don't bash up those stunning good looks! Take care (and i really mean that!) little man and i hope to see you soon. lots of love annie xxxx
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