Monday, August 28, 2006

The Builders came back on Thursday and it was very exciting. I helped them by playing with their tools while they put a new window in, but it took a long time and I got a bit bored so I helped Mum with the washing instead. I've been very interested in the washing machine ever since I managed to get it to turn on by twisting the dials and pressing buttons. I've also figured out how to open the door and I like to hide toys and other things in there as a surprise for Mum.

On this occasion, Mum was a bit cross with me as she'd had to put the same load round twice as I'd played with some of the buttons and it had reset itself. Anyway, when it finally finished, Mum was very surprised to find the washing going "Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!" It was Little Chick! I put her in there earlier, and then forgot all about her. I don't think she liked going round in the washing machine: she wouldn't stop going "Cheep! Cheep! Cheep!" We put her out in the sun to dry, but she still carried on cheeping.

After all that excitment, we went out to meet my mate Ewan at the leisure centre. I was very impressed because he ran over to the car and said "William" when Mum opened the door: he's really clever. (When we got home, Little Chick had quite recovered).

The Builders came back on Friday to finish off, so we went to Barry Island with Aunty Angie, Uncle Phil and Baby Morgan. I had a lovely time playing in the sand with a bucket and spade (I got it everywhere, and I filled the pram with it for good measure). Later on, we had chips on the beach: it was a good day.

We went to Ikea (again) on Saturday, but they still didn't have Mum's sofa (she was very cross). But it wasn't so bad as we had some nice cake in the cafe and I played with all the toys. After that, we met Aunty Angie, Uncle Phil and Baby Morgan at a pub for lunch (I had chips again!), and later on we all went for a walk in the woods. We all had lovely time.

The rest of the weekend was pretty quiet. We met up Nate and his Dad on Sunday and went to the huge park near them (Nate's showed me how to stack cups up: he's obviously got some of his Dad's brains). And on Monday, Bella came round with her Dad when Mum and Aunty Aimee went swimming: we had fun playing in the garden and eating blackberries.

I forgot you were good at helping builders. You should have come to stay here last week when people called The Plumbers came to play. They arrived at 8:30am (nana had to get up early), and had a lovely time, trashing every room and carpet in the house, romping up and down the stairs, ripping things off the walls and bashing big holes in other walls - and all the time singing and shouting really loudly to each other (you would certainly have learned some more words, but mum and dad probably wouldn't have let you use them).

When they left at 9pm there was a shiny New Boiler in the bathroom, and grandpa says It Will Be Fine once he has re-hung the shower curtain, refitted/cleaned the carpets, replaced the tiles, painted over the black marks on the walls, and put back the bookshelves - and that anyway, we wont notice the huge pipe that now sticks out of the airing cupboard once we've got used to it.

Lots of love
Nana xxx
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