Sunday, July 16, 2006

We went to Roath Park on Friday. As an experiment, Mum has been sending me to my Childminder with my reins as well as my pram, and I had a lovely time exploring. We had some nice things to eat in the cafe, and then we went on a boat. It was very exciting, although for some reason my Chldminder wouldn't let me put my hands in the water. When we got out into the middle of the lake some swans came over to see us so we fed them some bread; they were very happy and they followed the boat all the way back to the shore!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday so we all went round to my mate Ewan's house for a barbeque. Ewan has loads of outdoor toys and we had a great time running up and down and playing in his treehouse with his sister Ellie. I think Ellie is great: not only will she pull me around the garden on Ewan's toddle truck, she also bought me a special toy aeroplane!

I went to Church twice on Sunday. We went with Mum as normal on Sunday although we did spend some time in the Sunday-school creche (Mum's a bit fed up of chasing after me everytime I feel like running off to join the choir). But then we went to Church again after we'd had lunch! it wasn't my usual Church, and Rowan and Mabli were there, although Rowan was all dressed up at the front of the Church. The Vicar was very entertaining and told some funny stories, but I was a bit distracted as I wanted to escape from Dad by crawling under the pew in front of me.

After a few minutes, we all went down to the front and the Vicar washed Rowan's hair! This is the third time this has happened to babies I know: it happened to me back in February, they got Ben in June and Bella last week, and now Rowan... I think someone ought to warn Mabli!

When we'd finished at the Church we all went round to Rowan's house where we played with his toys and had lots of yummy food to eat. It was great to play with Mabli and Rowan again: we don't meet up very often now that all our Mum's have to go to work.

After we'd all had lots to eat, Rowan's Mum brought out a huge cake:

It was yummy:

By the time I'd finished my bit (and helped Mum with hers) I was bit sticky. My fingers tasted nice for a long time afterwards.

Hey Will!
Looks like you are really enjoying the summer and managing to find cake-eating opportunities a-plenty. Keep up the good work - it's great to see you going from strength to strength.
Take care and love to your parents,
Jen xx
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