Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I've been a very hungry boy this week. Mum thinks I'm having a growth-spurt, and she swears that I've gotten lots heavier in just a few days. I was so hungry at Tots on Tuesday that the nice ladies who give out the biscuits took pity on me and made some buttered toast just for me! (Actually, this wasn't too hard: all's I had to do was wander over to the serving hatch and look cute and hungry).

I've also been exceptionally happy (to Mum's great relief; I think she was getting a bit bored of the tired and wingey me of last week). Pretty much everything is funny these days, particularly if it's something I know I shouldn't be doing. My current favourite is to wait until my parents are distracted in the kitchen, then sneak out past the gate, close it behind me and make a mad dash for the stairs while giggling madly. I think it's hilarious!

Hiya Will,

It must be something in the air as I have been feeling hungry all week also.. I am in Germany again at the moment and am about to go to America and over there hungry does not really exist- at least not for most people! You do look like you are getting bigger and soon those stairs will be rushing under your feet faster than you can say "Get to your Room!!" - nah only kidding!
hello mr! i can see by your comments that you are going to keep everyone busy in finland, there will be a LOT of running around to do to keep up with you! glad to see you are feeling more chirpy this week! lots and lots of love, annie xxxx
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