Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's been very hot this week. I don't mind it being hot too much, although Mum doesn't seem to enjoy it much. The only time it really bothers me is when it's too hot to go to sleep; I tend to wriggle around a lot a the best of times, but when it's hot I just can't seem to get comfortable. Mum calls it my "death in the desert" act: I go round and round my cot until I eventually fall asleep (usually with my hands tucked under my tummy and my bottom sticking up in the air).

The best thing about the nice weather is playing out in the garden. As well as my slide, Mum and Dad have also bought me a paddling-pool: it's great fun to splash about in once it's warmed up at bit. The Mog doesn't seem to think so though: she's spending most of her time asleep under a bush at the moment.

Mum and Dad have also been quite busy this week putting things into piles in the back room. I'm not sure what's going on, but I like to think I'm helping when I move things around or try to hide things under the sofabed. Something is definitely up though; as The Mog has taken to sleeping on the suitcases again. It's all getting quite exciting!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

We went to Roath Park on Friday. As an experiment, Mum has been sending me to my Childminder with my reins as well as my pram, and I had a lovely time exploring. We had some nice things to eat in the cafe, and then we went on a boat. It was very exciting, although for some reason my Chldminder wouldn't let me put my hands in the water. When we got out into the middle of the lake some swans came over to see us so we fed them some bread; they were very happy and they followed the boat all the way back to the shore!

It was a beautiful day on Saturday so we all went round to my mate Ewan's house for a barbeque. Ewan has loads of outdoor toys and we had a great time running up and down and playing in his treehouse with his sister Ellie. I think Ellie is great: not only will she pull me around the garden on Ewan's toddle truck, she also bought me a special toy aeroplane!

I went to Church twice on Sunday. We went with Mum as normal on Sunday although we did spend some time in the Sunday-school creche (Mum's a bit fed up of chasing after me everytime I feel like running off to join the choir). But then we went to Church again after we'd had lunch! it wasn't my usual Church, and Rowan and Mabli were there, although Rowan was all dressed up at the front of the Church. The Vicar was very entertaining and told some funny stories, but I was a bit distracted as I wanted to escape from Dad by crawling under the pew in front of me.

After a few minutes, we all went down to the front and the Vicar washed Rowan's hair! This is the third time this has happened to babies I know: it happened to me back in February, they got Ben in June and Bella last week, and now Rowan... I think someone ought to warn Mabli!

When we'd finished at the Church we all went round to Rowan's house where we played with his toys and had lots of yummy food to eat. It was great to play with Mabli and Rowan again: we don't meet up very often now that all our Mum's have to go to work.

After we'd all had lots to eat, Rowan's Mum brought out a huge cake:

It was yummy:

By the time I'd finished my bit (and helped Mum with hers) I was bit sticky. My fingers tasted nice for a long time afterwards.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I've been a very hungry boy this week. Mum thinks I'm having a growth-spurt, and she swears that I've gotten lots heavier in just a few days. I was so hungry at Tots on Tuesday that the nice ladies who give out the biscuits took pity on me and made some buttered toast just for me! (Actually, this wasn't too hard: all's I had to do was wander over to the serving hatch and look cute and hungry).

I've also been exceptionally happy (to Mum's great relief; I think she was getting a bit bored of the tired and wingey me of last week). Pretty much everything is funny these days, particularly if it's something I know I shouldn't be doing. My current favourite is to wait until my parents are distracted in the kitchen, then sneak out past the gate, close it behind me and make a mad dash for the stairs while giggling madly. I think it's hilarious!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I was still poorly on Thursday, so Dad stayed home to look after me. We tried to go the park in the morning, and we managed to go on the swings, but then I started to feel blurggh again and I told Dad I'd had enough by crawling back to my pram in tears.

I was feeling a bit better by Friday so I went to my Childminder's as normal. Lots of the other Childminder's were there, and so we had a teddy-bears' picnic in the garden, and I had a lovely time eating pizza and teddy-bear-shaped crisps.

On Saturday, we went round to Bella's for a barbeque tea. We all had a great time, and as it was Bella's house, there was lots of yummy food. My favourite bits of the evening were running off down the end of Bella's garden to play with their gate (I love playing with locks and hinges and things), and trying to eat all the balls in Bella's ball pool:

On Sunday, we went to Church like normal, but this time Dad came too. I figured something special was up because we all had to dress up really smart:

I didn't see much of Bella during Church because she had to sit up the front with her parents. I did try to find her by running towards the front of the church at top speed, but Mum and Dad spoiled my fun by dragging me off to the back each time. I think we babies need to be a bit wary in Church from now on, as halfway through the service the Vicar decided that Bella needed her hair washed! The Vicar used smelly oils and things, just like he did to me, although Bella seemed to think it was funny. Everyone was really proud of her, and we all had to give her a big clap.

After the service, we all went into the Hall and had a big party, where there was even more yummy food. Mum found lots of toys for us to play with, but all's I really wanted to do was play with the door in the kitchen. When my mean Dad put a stop to that, I discovered that metal spoons make a really satisfiying clang if you drop them on the floor. Anyway, the party was really good, and I think everyone had a great time.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I've not done much this week as I've been feeling a bit poorly. Other than a spectacularly high temperature (Dad said I felt hotter than a hot water bottle), there's been nothing specifically wrong with me. But what ever it is it's been making me feel really miserable, especially as it's not been a good week to have a temperature. The Doctor said I had a virus (I think that's Medicalspeak for "I don't know what's wrong with you"), but I wish it would hurry up and go away!

I did do some nice things this week in spite of feeling rotten. on Monday, my mate Ewan came round for lunch and we had a great time playing with things. My mate Ewan is enoumous: even though he's only six months older than me, he's almost twice my size! He can do a lot more than me, but he's a good friend and he like to bring me toys to play with.

I also got some new outdoor toys this week. I went out with Mum on Monday to find a paddling-pool, and Dad came home one day with a tent and a tunnel! (Unfortunately, we may have jinxed the weather as it's rained every day since we bought the paddling-pool...) I like the tent and tunnel though: it's just like being at Tots.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

We started Saturday by wandering around the Rhiwbina Festival. There were lots of stalls selling yummy cakes and second-hand toys, but we spent the most time at the Library, as they were selling off lots of second-hand children's books: I like books with flaps or things you can move or touch, and we managed to pick up several good ones really cheaply (she was also getting rather bored of reading "Noisy Farm" at bedtime!).

Later on, we went to a coffee morning just down the road from my house. There were lots of people there, including most of our lovely neighbours and (quite by chance) one of the nurses from the Unit! She was very pleased to see how much I'd grown. Not only did I have some more yummy cake, the nice people holding the coffee morning gave me a garden slide that they didn't need any more! I love trying to climb up the slidey bit (the steps are a bit steep) and it's suddenly become my favourite toy:

(Oh: Mum and Dad said they went out on Saturday night to a party and that Aunty Cheryl babysat again, but I'm not sure I believe them as I slept right through).

It was very hot on Sunday, and we spent a lot of time hiding in the shade. To fill the time, Mum and me invented a new game. To play, you need to get the washing-up bowl, fill it with cold water, put some toys in it and sit with it under the apple tree. The game involves trying to get Mum and Dad as wet as possible, but putting toys under the water and throwing them in the air. It's very funny, although I was very soggy by the time all the water ran out.

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