Thursday, June 01, 2006

No Childminder this week: Mum's on half-term! Sadly, this means that there's no playgroup or swimming either, but we found lots of things to do instead. Monday was a bank-holiday, so to celebrate we all went round to Aunty Cheryl's house for a yummy lasagne lunch. I wanted to play with her cats, but for some reason they kept running away from me (Mum said that they weren't as used to having a small person around as The Mog).

We also saw a lot of Bella and her Mum this week: we met them for lunch in Roath Park on Tuesday (Bella and me spent a long time on the swings), and on Wednesday we met them at St Fagans. We wandered about a bit, and then played on a big bit of grass by some shops. The only sticking point was that Bella me had the same cup, and we kept trying to steal each other's drink (it's very confusing to see someone else using a cup that looks like yours!)

And today we went to see my mate Ewan. He was on holiday last week, and by all accounts had a great time. Mum reckons I've got him well trained, as he brought me lots of toys to play with and even some bits of cheese to eat; he's a good friend.

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