Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mum took me to the Doctor's on Monday for a checkup, as I've been a bit off colour for a few weeks now. The Doctor was very busy and we almost didn't get to go, but I was feeling a bit poorly and made so much noise when Mum was on the phone to the receptionist that they took pity on me and gave me an Emergency Appointment. I didn't really need it though, and when we eventually saw the Doctor, she said I'd be fine in a week or so.

It was really quite cold on the way home, and I was a bit underdressed in my shorts and T-shirt, so she made me wear her jacket. It was toasy warm, but a but a bit big:

I've been trying to use a spoon to feed myself again recently, but it's a bit tricky and so I've been experimenting with alternative mechanisms. The most promising one involves grabbing as much food as I can with both hands and stuffing it into my mouth until no more will go in. This seems to work quite well on dry foods like biscuits and sandwiches and the like, but I've also been trying it out on other dishes. I discovered that this method works really well on spaghetti in tomato sauce; but it's a bit messy:

Mum's really quite keen on Tennis, so she's been teaching me to watch Wimbledon this week. It's especially fun when when we play the sound-effect game: you have to say "Bash!" when someone hits the ball, "Doink!" when the ball bounces off something and clap whenever someone scores a point. It's a very funny game!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Mum had to pick me up early from my Childminder's on Friday. I was fine in the morning, but my temperature went up and up as the day progressed and I really wasn't feeling well by mid-afternoon. I was very pleased to see Mum when she arrived to take me home!

Mum and Dad were supposed to be going out on Friday night as part of Dad's birthday, and Aunty Cheryl was supposed to be looking after me. They spent a long time trying to decide what to do because I wasn't very well; in the end I went to sleep nicely and so they decided to go anyway (after writing a long list for Aunty Cheryl).

Everything was quiet for about half an hour. Then I had a coughing fit and woke up in a bit of a tizzy. Aunty Cheryl came up to find out what was wrong, but I was inconsolable: I really like Aunty Cheryl, but when I wake up feeling poorly and thirsty in the dark, I really want my Mum. So I was a bit upset, and I didn't know what I wanted until Aunty Cheryl suggested some milk. I was really tired after that and wanted to go straight back to bed, but it took a little while for poor Aunty Cheryl to understand me because I wasn't making much sense (I cried so much I coughed up some of the milk all over her).

After about half-an-hour she decided to ring Mum and Dad for some help. She put me back in my cot so that she could go find her phone, but by the time she'd found it I'd gone to sleep! I'm really sorry for all the trouble I caused her, but we did sort it all out in the end. I hope I've not put her off babysitting forever...

We had a bit of a quiet day on Saturday, and I was feeling a bit better by Sunday. I had a lovely time in Church in the morning, running up and down the aisles with Mum trailing close behind. In the afternoon, we decided to invite Bella and her Mum and Dad round for a barbeque and to watch the football. We were having a lovely time out in the garden until it started to throw it down - the rain was really very wet! Poor Dad and Uncle Mark had to stay outside with the fire; they were soaking by the time everything was ready:

In other news: the Builders have virtually finished my new room. They've going to come back to fit two windows, but that will be it! I'm looking forward to moving in, although Mum and Dad seem to think it's going to be an "office" instead of my bedroom...

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

We had 12 workmen at my house on Monday: 2 Builders, 2 Plasters, 2 Plumbers, 3 Roofers, 1 Wood Delivery Person and 2 Cavity Wall Insulators. It was very busy so Mum and me had to run away and hide at Playgroup (where I did lots of walking aound). The workmen did loads of good things though, and it looks like they'll finish sometime this week. It's all very exciting!

Mum and I led the singing at Tots on Tuesday, cos the Mummy who was supposed to do it couldn't make it. I think Mum was a bit nervous, but I helped her with all the actions (particularly in the "See the little bunnies" song). We did such a good job that we're going to be leading the singing every week in the Autumn, as the Mummy who currently does it is retiring.

Mum made me some yummy pasta to eat for lunch, but she got a bit cross with me when I decided I wanted to eat some of it all by myself. I think the problem was that I wanted to eat the even handfuls by myself; I thought the odd handfuls were much better when splattered all over the wall and floor. Unfortunately, Mum didn't like my game and I got shouted at a bit. I think I created a bit of a mess:

Wednesday was a day of two calamities. We had loads of workmen again any our house again so we went off to Roath Park to get out of their hair. We had a lovely time eating Welsh cakes in the cafe, and after that we went for a wander around the gardens, where we discovered the Conservatory. The Conservatory is really interesting: it's stuffed with funny plants and ponds with giantnormous fish in them. While we were roaming around upstairs we found a rather cute duck. Or at least it started out being cute, but as soon as we got close it attacked us! It started hissing and biting my legs so Mum quickly tried to lift me out of the way. But the the silly duck refused to let go, and came up attached to my trousers! We ran away after that, all the while being chased and bitten by the enraged duck. I thought it was hilarious!

After all that excitment we felt in need of a bit of a sit down, so we went back to the cafe for lunch. I was a very good boy and ate a whole cheese sandwich (Mum was very please that I ate it throwing any of it on the floor) and some of Mum's baked potato. Suitably refreshed, we went off to find the swings. And that's when the second calamity of the day occured. Mum was spinning me around on the Roundabout when I got distracted and let go. Mum had no chance to catch me, and I was tumbling through the air before I knew what was going on. I landed rather heavily on my nose, and needless to say I wasn't very happy about the whole affair. Fortunately, the ground was covered in woodchips, so there was no lasting damage.

When we got back home, the workmen were still hammering away, so we went to hide at my friend James' house (I know him from Tots). I had a lovely time walking about and playing with all his toys, and I think I might be seeing a lot more of James.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Mum's school took part in a Welsh dancing festival at St. Fagans on Saturday, and we went along to watch. It was great fun: I was mobbed by all the girls from Mum's old class when we arrived and I felt like a film star! I had a great time playing with them: they built me towers to knock down, we played with my cars and they helped me go on the slide at lunch time. I also managed to steal a few kisses from Aunty Gail and Aunty Rell; they seem to like me a lot. The dancing was good too, although I think the girls from Mum's school were the best.

Sunday was Father's Day. I got Dad a lie in and some really cool presents from MUTR (note to other children of geeks: there's stuff here that will keep your Mum or Dad quiet for ages). He particularly liked the "ferro-magentic fluid" which is an oily liquid that's somehow attracted to magnets. It's quite messy stuff though, and it didn't take very long before he was covered in black oily stuff.

Later on, we went to Aunty Dell's birthday barbeque at Cosmeston Lakes. Rowan and Mablie were there, and we all had a great time crawling around on the ground and chewing each other's toys. I've not seen Rowan or Mabli for a bit, and they've both grown loads. It's great to see them both looking fit and healthy.

When we came home for tea, Dad and I used our toddle trucks to mow the lawn (Dad's makes more noise than mine, and seems to do a better job of actually cutting the grass). Dad snapped some video of me doing my walking thing:

Thursday, June 15, 2006

On Wednesday, Mum put on my new shoes and we walked to the corner shop to buy milk. Perhaps I should rephrase that last bit to make it sound a bit more impressive: on Wednesday, I walked to the shop with Mum's help.

I can't walk very well without help, but I didn't fall over too much as Mum supported me by using my reins and held my hand. It was a long way, and it took quite a long time to get there, mostly because I found lots of exciting things to look at between my house and the shop: I stopped to look at every car, numberplate, bit of rubble, sweet wrapper, and crack in the pavement. I also found a stick, several leaves and some weeds. As you can imagine, I was very tired by the time we got there and had to be carried home, but it was all very exciting.

I've been a very hungry boy recently (Dad says I'm a bit like the Hungry Caterpiller), so Mum's been experimenting with alternative lunches recently to try and fill me up a bit. Today we had Baked Beans on Toast, which I liked very much. Baked Beans are fun to play with: I can recommend scraping the beans off the toast and pushing them around the tray, follwoed by throwing the whole lot on the floor when it gets a bit too messy (Mum seems to get a bit cross if you do this repeatedly). However, this does tend to make your hands a bit sticky; I've found the best way to get them clean again is to wipe them carefully on your hair.

On Thursday I got up very early because it was Dad's birthday. I got him a DVD of Hercules; something I'm hoping he'll share with me when I'm a bit older. I also made him some very yummy crispy chocolate buns (with some help from my Childminder). I think he had a great day.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

We all went to Ben's Christening on Sunday (I know Ben from Church, and Mum and Dad know his Mum from Badminton). The service was lovely, although I must say I spent quite a lot of it playing with Bella and crawling around at high speed (I was a bit hyper as Mum and Dad gave me some Neurofen just before we went out and it does strange things to me). The best bit was when Ben decided he didn't want his hair washed so he grabbed the shell thing from the Vicar and threw it in the font! I wish I'd thought of that when the Vicar washed my hair.

After the service, we all went round to Ben's house for some food. I tried really hard to stay awake on the way there, but it was just too hot and I drifted off. When I woke up, Ben's party was in full swing (it was also his Mum's birthday as well). The sun was shining and there was a cool paddling pool that looked like Thomas the Tank Engine. Mum wasted no time on getting me into my new all-in-one swimming costume and into the pool:

It was a bit cold, but once I'd sussed out that I could keep my tummy out of the cold water by standing up, I had a great time (Bella came in too, but I think it was a bit chilly for her as she complained most bitterly). Ben has some cool toys, including a toddle-truck and a swing! I spent a lot of time with the toddle-truck, and I was very gratful to one of Dad's friends who kept turning me around when I got stuck: he was very kind. There was also a bouncy castle which was very popular with the older children:

I also spent a lot of time trying to walk. I'm quite comfortable toddling about if someone holds my hand, but I don't quite have the balance to manage all by myself yet. That doesn't stop me trying, especially if there something I want nearby: I launch myself off from whatever I'm holding onto and then run as fast as I can towards it. I usually manage at least two steps before wiping out in a big pile of giggles (Mum says I must have got my self-preservation genes from my Dad). I'm determined to crack it, if only so I can keep up with The Mog (she can move faster than I can crawl).

Friday, June 09, 2006

We were all a bit tired after all the excitment of the party last weekend. We tried to have a bit of a quiet few days to recover, but things have gone back to normal now that half-term is over and we ended up doing all the usual things (Playgroup, swimming, going to the park, meeting up with Bella, that sort of thing). I really enjoyed going back to swimming: I was the eldest in the class for a change, so I got to show all the younger babies how to do it. I didn't tell them about the ritual dunking in "Humpty-Dumpty" though; it's too much fun to watch their surprised expressions afterwards.

At the end of the week, I went to my Childminder while Mum was at work. I always have a great time at my Childminder's and Thursday was no exception (she was very pleased to see me, and said that I'd learnt quite a lot of new things over half term). We met up with lots of the other Childminders and their children, and I had a lovely time pushing my toddle-truck down a slope in the garden: you can go really fast downhill! In the afternoon, all the children got icereams for being good, except I didn't want mine (it was too cold), and demanded a biscuit instead. Mum was very surprised when she found out, and said that I'd obviously inherited Dad's "I don't like icecream" genes (she said something about there being more left for her...)

Tonight, Mum has gone out to the pub with some of the other Mum's from Playgroup. I'm actually a bit worried: they get giddy enough at Playgroups when all's they've had to drink is a strong cup of tea, so I've no idea what they'll be like after a few glasses of wine. I'm guessing it'll be noisy. I hope Mum has a good time though: she deserves some time off from looking after me.

Monday, June 05, 2006

I didn't go to my Childminder's on Friday because Mum was on half term. Mum spent a lot of time putting things in piles, and we went out to the park in the afternoon, but it was otherwise a pretty normal day. Things started to be a bit different after tea, when Dad started putting things in the car.

After I'd had my bottle, I found myself being carried out the the car in my sleeping bag: we were going on a trip! It was all very exciting. Even though I was really quite sleepy, I was so excited that I stayed awake for a good hour just watching things go by the window.

I woke up again when Mum took me out of the car a long time later. It was all dark, and I was a bit confused about what was going on. I think Mum and Dad wanted to quietly put me in my cot before I woke up properly, but then Aunty Ceri appeared! We were at her house! I was very pleased to see her (I think she's fab), so going back to sleep was out of the question; I wanted to play! (I spent very happy half hour chatting to Aunty Ceri while Mum and Dad carried everything in from the car).

I was still very excited when I woke up the next morning. Mum and Dad weren't so keen to start the day at 4:30am however, and tried to shush me back to sleep for a bit. When we eventually got up, I spent a lot of time exploring Aunty Ceri's lovely house and trying to chase her funny cat, Felix (I don't think he was very amused by me though).

Later on in the morning, some of Aunty Ceri's friends came round to say hello, including the lovely Aunty Annie and her Mum. I impressed them all with my new tricks: my favourite is going "Upside Down":

After that, we all went round to Aunty Sal's house. I don't think she was expecting us as she'd just got out of the shower when she opened the door, but she was very pleased to see us. My cousins Jamie and Aiden were there too and pretty soon we were all out drinking tea in their garden. I played at riding on Dad's shoulders and tried to reach all the shiny things in Aunty Sal's garden.

A short while later, Nana arrived with Uncle Dave. I've not met Uncle Dave before, although Dad has shown me pictures and I know he reads my blog. My first impression was that he looks like Dad, but a lot taller (he's huge!) I like my Uncle Dave; he brought me a fab toy elephant:

(I was so wound up by this point that I couldn't eat my lunch. Well, I couldn't eat the lunch I was supposed to have, but I did manage to force down a banana and some chocolate pudding).

After that, we all went round to Aunty Dani's house for a late lunch. I was a bit tired by this point, and Mum and Dad tried to keep me awake all the way there by singing very loudly, but it didn't work: I fell asleep just as we arrived and I wasn't too impressed when they woke me up again. I soon perked up when I saw my cousin Naomi and Aunty Dani though.

After that, we went round to Ma and Pa's house. I was wiped out by then and had a really long sleep. When I woke up, Mum put me into some really posh clothes (in case you can't guess, the rather stylish Bermuda shorts came from Aunty Ceri):

Lots and lots of people arrived then. Ma and Pa were having a party! I met loads of different people, and had a great time chatting to everyone and running around with my toddle-truck. I also got to stay up really late (I'm normally fast alseep by 6:30, but I must have stayed up til at least 8pm on Saturday). Everyone had a great time!

Aunty Sal, Jamie and Aiden and Uncle Dave all came to the party too: they came in Aunty Sal's Mystery Machine (she says it's powered by Fairy Dust, and it has electric curtains that Dad thinks are hilarious):

We didn't get back to Aunty Ceri's house until well after midnight. Everyone was a bit tired on Sunday, and no one was pleased when I woke up at 5:30am. Mum and Dad did their shushing thing again, and we did manage to have a lazy morning eventually. We went out to a really nice pub called the Stag for lunch (it's that Grandparent thing again).

After lunch, we all fell asleep in the garden for a bit and then we went to the park near Ma and Pa's house to play. The park was good, but the swings were a bit too big for me and I couldn't go on them by myself (I went on with Aunty Ceri and Ma, but they're lightweights and felt sick after five minutes and had to stop). So I went on the slide and the rocking horses instead. Mum and Aunty Ceri played on the see-saw; it was very funny (Dad has pictures if anyone's interested).

After tea, we drove all the way back home. It was a long way, and I was a bit uncomfortable and kept waking up, but we got there in the end. I was a bit sad to be home: I really enjoyed seeing everyone again.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

No Childminder this week: Mum's on half-term! Sadly, this means that there's no playgroup or swimming either, but we found lots of things to do instead. Monday was a bank-holiday, so to celebrate we all went round to Aunty Cheryl's house for a yummy lasagne lunch. I wanted to play with her cats, but for some reason they kept running away from me (Mum said that they weren't as used to having a small person around as The Mog).

We also saw a lot of Bella and her Mum this week: we met them for lunch in Roath Park on Tuesday (Bella and me spent a long time on the swings), and on Wednesday we met them at St Fagans. We wandered about a bit, and then played on a big bit of grass by some shops. The only sticking point was that Bella me had the same cup, and we kept trying to steal each other's drink (it's very confusing to see someone else using a cup that looks like yours!)

And today we went to see my mate Ewan. He was on holiday last week, and by all accounts had a great time. Mum reckons I've got him well trained, as he brought me lots of toys to play with and even some bits of cheese to eat; he's a good friend.

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