Sunday, May 14, 2006

We went to the Eye Clinic on Friday to follow-up all the nasty stuff they did to me last year. This time it wasn't too bad: they mostly sat me in a dark room and showed me lots of bright lights and funny toys on sticks. They also put some funny stuff in my eyes to make my pupils dilate and told me to go and play for half-an-hour, but that wasn't a hardship as they had lots of excellent toys in the waiting area.

After a short while, everything started to look a bit strange. Mum said she could tell it was working because I suddenly stopped playing with my toys and started laughing at them instead. She also said that I looked like an owl. Soon after that, they took me back to the dark room to show me some more lights. A Doctor tried to put some shiny things things near my face, but I wouldn't let him (I screamed at him and hit his hand a few times until he stopped trying; Mum was a bit embarassed and I got told off).

Anyway, once they'd finished looking at me, they sat us down and told us that I was a bit long-sighted and that I had some astigmatism, but that there was nothing to worry about. They said that it might correct itself as the shape of the eye changes as you grow, but that I might need glasses eventually (I guess that was always a possibility as Dad is a blind as a bat). Everyone seemed pretty pleased with with my at any rate (apart from the Doctor I shouted at earlier).

On Saturday, we met up with Bella and her parents at the Amelia Trust Farm. We very nearly came straight back home as the weather was terrible, but it soon started to brighten up and we had a great time looking at sheep, pigs, cows, hens and lots of other animals. My favourite were the Siberian Chipmunks who refused to sit still and spent the entire time running up and down the bars in their cage (Dad said they reminded him of someone he knew). We also spent a bit of time on some softplay, where I went caving:

Later on, we sent the Dads back to the car to fetch some food and blankets and we had a picnic by a field full of sheep and goats. There was also a giant horse called Star, who was lovely but very hungry: she kept trying to eat Bella's lunch! In the end, we had to move the table. I don't know what Bella was eating, but it was very popular with the farm animals: no sooner had Star wandered off to find some tasty grass when two goats turned up to see if they could have some of Bella's lunch too!

I was a bit tired after all of that, and was soon fast asleep. But we all had a great day.

sorry i haven't been in touch lately Wiil - it's been busy! But you my lad are obviously also very busy - I'm glad you didn't let those goats eat you! Talk to your Auntie Ceri about goats- she'd like to have a pygmy one as a pet!
Ma xxxx
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