Monday, May 01, 2006

On Friday, we went to the Hospital for a checkup with my Consultant. They gave me a good going over, and went through the results of the kidney scans I had a few weeks back. It was all good news: my Consultant was really pleased with my progress and said I was fit and healthy and developing normally. They've even taken me off the last set of medication I've been on. We had the first appointment of the day, and we were out of the Hospital in record time. I spent the rest of the day playing with my Childminder (we had a lovely time as usual), but poor Mum had to go off to work.

I was in a really good mood on Saturday and I woke Mum and Dad at 6am to tell them all about it. They were less than impressed to start with, but they eventually cheered up when I started jumping up and down and bashing the animals on my wallpaper. it took ages to get them downstairs to make me breakfast though: I can't wait until I'm big enough to do it myself. Anyway, after a long, long time, we were all up and dressed and we went out to play in the garden. Dad wanted to do lots of boring things involving pulling up small plants and hoovering the grass, so Mum and me played with sticks and things instead. It was great fun. When Dad had finished, we all sat and played on the grass with my toys. It took a while (and lots of coaxing), but I finally got over my fear of crawling on the grass:

What with all the excitment of being outside and everything, I completely forgot to have my mid-morning nap. By lunchtime, I was a bit tired, and I didn't quite manage to finish my lunch before it all caught up with me:

Sunday was pretty normal, but on Monday Mum and me took Dad to work in the car and then we went of to Roath park to play on the swings. I fell asleep on the way, and so Mum had a lovely time in the sunshine with her book and a coffee. but I got to go on the swings when I woke up. After that, we went to collect Dad and we all went off to have lunch at Bella's house. While we were waiting for Dad, I drove the car for a bit (although Mum wouldn't let me play with the horn):

We all had a great time at Bella's house: I played with Bella's toys, and Mum and Dad enjoyed themselves with lots of good food and good company (Bella's Mum is a really good cook).

The motorbike phase didn't last so long then???
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