Sunday, May 21, 2006

I came home from hospital one year ago today. Looking back, it's been a very busy year, but it seems to have gone very quickly. I've certainly changed a lot in a year, and not just in size (I'm easily twice the size I was), but in my capabilities too. I can now do crawling, standing, eating, feeding myself (well, toast anyway), drinking from a cup, clapping, playing, breaking things (I seem to be especially good at this), swimming, crusing, lots of things really. And now I can do talking.

Yes, it's true: I've been saying something that sounded a lot like "cat" for a while now, especially when chasing The Mog, but noone really thought I was talking until a week or so ago when I started saying it whenever she appeared. So I guess "cat" is officially my First Word. Anyway, once they accepted that I might be starting to talk, Mum and Dad have heard me saying all sorts of things. Mum swears she heard me say "shoes" last week as we were getting ready to go out, and Dad heard me say "ball" several times when we were playing catch in the kitchen. Even my Childminder has heard me saying things: we met up with the usual set of children on Friday, but one of them had to go early so everyone said "Bye-bye Georgia" as she walked out the door. So I said "Bye-bye Georgia" too. My Childminder was very impressed, and tried to get me to say lots of other things, but I refused. I only talk when I want to.

I've had a great weekend: we went to softplay on Saturday morning, which was very exciting, although Dad got told off for breaking the bouncy-castle (he went on it to chase after me, but he must have been too heavy because it popped and it all went squishy and flat). And on Saturday, Bella and her Mum and Dad came over for lunch and we all ended up going to the park for the afternoon. I like swings.

well done, chatterbox. Congratulations on your second birthday, too! (You & the queen both have 2 a year!) I'm sure you weigh something like 5 times the amount you did whenyou came hoe, too, which is going some!

Ma xxx
Hi Will! Happy 2nd Birthday.. You know you are building up alot of birthday gifts from me! Hopefully i will be able to visit very soon as I think i will be back in Europe in the next month- actually i flew over you from Munich to LA 2 weeks ago but did not have any time to stop.. I was not very happy that i had to go direct to the US but i will insist on having a week in the UK on my next trip. Great to catch up on all your adventures over the last weeks but i am concerned that you are developing the accident prone nature that i was famous for.. Make sure you stay away from cold water and big sisters (or Aunts could be substituted here!) as that combination caused me trouble many times!!

Uncle Dave
So where's the picture of the squished bouncy castle then? - obviously your next skill has to be Digital Photography.
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