Sunday, May 28, 2006

I was too poorly to go to the Childminder's on Thursday (think "exploding", "green" and "nappies"), so Dad stayed home to look after me. We didn't do a right lot, although we did make it out to the park just before tea time. I went to the Childminder's as normal on Friday and had a lovely time as usual (although Mum was on standby in case anything dreadful happened). Things have generally returned to normal now, and I'm feeling much better.

We went swimming on Saturday. it was very busy and I was still feeling a bit blugghh so I didn't enjoy it as much as I normally do. I go swimming with Mum, but because it wasn't a lesson Dad came too. I had to show him what to do though, especially when being dunked during "Humpty Dumpty" (he wasn't expecting that!) We also played on the slide, as we don't usually get time on a Tuesday.

On Sunday, we were naughty and went to the Riverside Market with Bella and her parents instead of going to Church. It was great: there were loads of people and things to look at, and Mum kept stealing bits of yummy sausage, cheese and cake from the stalls for me to eat. As it was dry in the afternoon, we played in the garden: I helped Mum and Dad put the washing out (I looked after the pegs for them), and then I pretended to mow the lawn using my toddle-truck.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

It feels like it's been raining for weeks now. I want to go play in the garden, but it's been far too wet. It's not just me who's frustrated: the Builders have been trying to do something out on the roof for ages but it's been too wet. However, I've noticed that they've been keeping themselves very busy drinking tea and eating biscuits. They've made good progress inside though, and the room has really started to take shape.

(The rain is very loud in this new room).

We played with Bella a lot on Monday and Tuesday. I suprised Mum and Aunty Aimee by saying Bella's name several times (although I'm having trouble with the "L" sound so it sounds a bit like "Behl").

Sunday, May 21, 2006

I came home from hospital one year ago today. Looking back, it's been a very busy year, but it seems to have gone very quickly. I've certainly changed a lot in a year, and not just in size (I'm easily twice the size I was), but in my capabilities too. I can now do crawling, standing, eating, feeding myself (well, toast anyway), drinking from a cup, clapping, playing, breaking things (I seem to be especially good at this), swimming, crusing, lots of things really. And now I can do talking.

Yes, it's true: I've been saying something that sounded a lot like "cat" for a while now, especially when chasing The Mog, but noone really thought I was talking until a week or so ago when I started saying it whenever she appeared. So I guess "cat" is officially my First Word. Anyway, once they accepted that I might be starting to talk, Mum and Dad have heard me saying all sorts of things. Mum swears she heard me say "shoes" last week as we were getting ready to go out, and Dad heard me say "ball" several times when we were playing catch in the kitchen. Even my Childminder has heard me saying things: we met up with the usual set of children on Friday, but one of them had to go early so everyone said "Bye-bye Georgia" as she walked out the door. So I said "Bye-bye Georgia" too. My Childminder was very impressed, and tried to get me to say lots of other things, but I refused. I only talk when I want to.

I've had a great weekend: we went to softplay on Saturday morning, which was very exciting, although Dad got told off for breaking the bouncy-castle (he went on it to chase after me, but he must have been too heavy because it popped and it all went squishy and flat). And on Saturday, Bella and her Mum and Dad came over for lunch and we all ended up going to the park for the afternoon. I like swings.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I got into big trouble on Monday. We went to Playgroup as normal, and we were all having a lovely time until I spotted a little girl having a biscuit with her Mum. I crawled at top speed across the room, sat up, took it off her and started chewing it. Suddenly, Mum wasn't very happy with me, and after telling me off explained that the biscuit wasn't mine and that I wasn't allowed to take biscuits from other children. I was in big bother.

I'm also starting to think that my house is full of things that are designed to hurt me. On Tuesday, I must have fallen over and banged my head at least six times, and on Wednesday I think I managed to trap my fingers in every draw in the kitchen. Even my toys are out to get me: when I stood on my pull-a-long truck, it jumped up and hit me on my head! I'm starting to get paranoid...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

We went to the Eye Clinic on Friday to follow-up all the nasty stuff they did to me last year. This time it wasn't too bad: they mostly sat me in a dark room and showed me lots of bright lights and funny toys on sticks. They also put some funny stuff in my eyes to make my pupils dilate and told me to go and play for half-an-hour, but that wasn't a hardship as they had lots of excellent toys in the waiting area.

After a short while, everything started to look a bit strange. Mum said she could tell it was working because I suddenly stopped playing with my toys and started laughing at them instead. She also said that I looked like an owl. Soon after that, they took me back to the dark room to show me some more lights. A Doctor tried to put some shiny things things near my face, but I wouldn't let him (I screamed at him and hit his hand a few times until he stopped trying; Mum was a bit embarassed and I got told off).

Anyway, once they'd finished looking at me, they sat us down and told us that I was a bit long-sighted and that I had some astigmatism, but that there was nothing to worry about. They said that it might correct itself as the shape of the eye changes as you grow, but that I might need glasses eventually (I guess that was always a possibility as Dad is a blind as a bat). Everyone seemed pretty pleased with with my at any rate (apart from the Doctor I shouted at earlier).

On Saturday, we met up with Bella and her parents at the Amelia Trust Farm. We very nearly came straight back home as the weather was terrible, but it soon started to brighten up and we had a great time looking at sheep, pigs, cows, hens and lots of other animals. My favourite were the Siberian Chipmunks who refused to sit still and spent the entire time running up and down the bars in their cage (Dad said they reminded him of someone he knew). We also spent a bit of time on some softplay, where I went caving:

Later on, we sent the Dads back to the car to fetch some food and blankets and we had a picnic by a field full of sheep and goats. There was also a giant horse called Star, who was lovely but very hungry: she kept trying to eat Bella's lunch! In the end, we had to move the table. I don't know what Bella was eating, but it was very popular with the farm animals: no sooner had Star wandered off to find some tasty grass when two goats turned up to see if they could have some of Bella's lunch too!

I was a bit tired after all of that, and was soon fast asleep. But we all had a great day.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My new tooth hurted really badly on Monday, and I really wasn't very happy about it. To make matters worse, I took a corner a bit too fast and hurt my nose:

However, my new tooth was much better on Tuesday and I was much sunnier for it. It's always a busy day: we went to Tots in the morning, and then in the afternoon we went swimming and to soft-play. Needless to say, I was a bit tired by the end of the day!

On Wednesday, we went into town on the train! I've not been on a train before, and it was very exciting. I chatted to the guard and even I got him to play "boo" for a bit, and then I found that the trees rush past really fast if you put your head really close to the window (I thought this was very funny).

Unfortunately, we had to get off the train after a short time and go shopping in town instead. Shopping is rather boring, and I got a bit hot so I took my shoes and socks off to keep myself amused (however, I did get a natty new T-shirt and a pair of shorts). When we were done we went to see Dad at work: I played on the floor with some of my toys and made lots of noise in an effort to disturb everyone (Dad works in a very quiet office). It was fun, although I can't see why Dad rushes off to work every morning.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

It was dry and warm on Saturday, so we went to St. Fagan's. We had a lovely time wandering about the different houses (Mum and Dad liked the green house the best, but I liked the Celtic house). When we got tired of walking around, we went to the playground for a bit of a rest. There was a special playground for young children like me; the best thing there was the red slide (but they did't have any swings):

We all played out in the garden in the afternoon. I practised walking with my toddle truck, but it's a bit of a death trap if you hold on to the handle: it tries to run away from you, and you end up falling on your nose. I gave up after a few falls, and so I sat on it and persuaded Dad to push me around the garden instead:

On Sunday we went out to lunch with Rowan and Mabli at the Black Cock. I wasn't feeling very sociable as I've got another tooth on the way. But I had a good time despite my teeth: we had a lot to catch up on as don't see each other very often now that our Mum's are all back at work.

We played out in the garden again in the afternoon as it was a really nice day. I practised walking with my toddle truck again (it's not quite as dangerous if Dad applies the brakes for me). Sadly, I couldn't play for long as my new tooth was really sore, and I had to keep stopping to complain about it. Eventually, it got so bad I couldn't do anything, so Mum gave me some Calpol and I had to be cuddled until I crashed out on the grass with Dad:

I felt much better when I woke up.

Friday, May 05, 2006

On Wednesday, Mum and me went to Roath park with Bella and her Mum. It was a bit of a special occasion as Bella's Mum is going back to work from Thursday, so we bought them some cake to help them both forget about it. We also went on the swings which was great: I screamed with laughter a lot, and Bella tried to catch her shadow (it was her first time, so she didn't go very high).

In the afternoon, Mum had to go off to work so Dad came back from Work early to look after me. We had a great time talking to the builders and playing in the garden.

I think I tired my Childminder out on Thursday and Friday. I was very active for her last week, but this week I think I took "busy" to a whole new level. At playgroup, I spent the whole time crawling up and and down trying to steal the cool toys from the bigger children. And on Friday, I went with my Childminder to a friend's house, where I discovered some stairs without a silly gate accross them! After several failed attempts to climb up them without my Childminder seeing, some of the other children caught on and pretty soon we were all trying to escape up the stairs. My poor Childminder was exhausted by the end of the day: she told Mum that once I was gone she was going to collapse on the sofa with a cup of cocoa...

Monday, May 01, 2006

On Friday, we went to the Hospital for a checkup with my Consultant. They gave me a good going over, and went through the results of the kidney scans I had a few weeks back. It was all good news: my Consultant was really pleased with my progress and said I was fit and healthy and developing normally. They've even taken me off the last set of medication I've been on. We had the first appointment of the day, and we were out of the Hospital in record time. I spent the rest of the day playing with my Childminder (we had a lovely time as usual), but poor Mum had to go off to work.

I was in a really good mood on Saturday and I woke Mum and Dad at 6am to tell them all about it. They were less than impressed to start with, but they eventually cheered up when I started jumping up and down and bashing the animals on my wallpaper. it took ages to get them downstairs to make me breakfast though: I can't wait until I'm big enough to do it myself. Anyway, after a long, long time, we were all up and dressed and we went out to play in the garden. Dad wanted to do lots of boring things involving pulling up small plants and hoovering the grass, so Mum and me played with sticks and things instead. It was great fun. When Dad had finished, we all sat and played on the grass with my toys. It took a while (and lots of coaxing), but I finally got over my fear of crawling on the grass:

What with all the excitment of being outside and everything, I completely forgot to have my mid-morning nap. By lunchtime, I was a bit tired, and I didn't quite manage to finish my lunch before it all caught up with me:

Sunday was pretty normal, but on Monday Mum and me took Dad to work in the car and then we went of to Roath park to play on the swings. I fell asleep on the way, and so Mum had a lovely time in the sunshine with her book and a coffee. but I got to go on the swings when I woke up. After that, we went to collect Dad and we all went off to have lunch at Bella's house. While we were waiting for Dad, I drove the car for a bit (although Mum wouldn't let me play with the horn):

We all had a great time at Bella's house: I played with Bella's toys, and Mum and Dad enjoyed themselves with lots of good food and good company (Bella's Mum is a really good cook).

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