Sunday, April 09, 2006

I don't think my Childminder was too pleased with me on Friday. I had my MMR on Tuesday, and I was fine afterwards apart from being a bit coughy. (I have a nasty tendency to be sick when I get a cough, so Mum is always super careful with me whenever I get one). Anyway, I was out and about in the car with my Childminder on Friday when I had a massive coughing fit; suddenly I was all in a bit of a mess. My poor childminder had to give me a complete change of clothes, and my car seat really hasn't been quite the same since. Perhaps Mum will take the opportunity to move me into the forward-facing one: I'm getting a bit bored of the view as all's I can see from my current seat is the sky and the inside of the car's roof.

I was still feeling a bit poorly on Saturday, but I cheered up a bit when we went round to Uncle Rupert's house to play. Nate has some cool toys and I had a lovely time playing with them. Nate's brother was also very kind and kept bringing us things to play with (Nate has his brother well trained). Later, we all had cake to eat and Uncle Rupert made some of his special "Hot Cross Bun with Marmite" for Dad (I tried a bit but it was horrid: Dad eats the strangest things).

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