Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Tuesday was a very busy day. We went to Tots in the morning and I had a lovely time crawling around and pulling myself up onto things. I particularly like standing up by the big garage that the older children like playing with (for some reason, they get a bit cross when I chew on their cars though). Then after lunch, we went swimming! We've not been for a while and it was very exciting: I squealed with delight every few minutes, and I didn't even mind being dunked when we sang "Humpty Dumpty". Then to top it all off, we went to soft play! I had a great time trying to keep up with the bigger childern and crawling round the Pirate Ship. My mate Ewan was there too: he was very kind and kept running back to see if I was alright when we got separated. Needless to say, I was a rather tired by the end of the day. But I had a great time.

Mum and me had to spend all of Wednesday out of the house, as the Builders wanted to take the ceiling down to make room for some new stairs. So we went to see Aunty Aimee and Bella in the morning and Mabli in the afternoon. When we got back at the end of the day, there was a big hole where the ceiling used to be:

I hope they cover it over soon, as I think it's a bit scarey and it's upsetting The Mog.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

When I woke up on Thursday it didn't take me long to realise that Something Was Up. The outside of my house was covered in lots of metal poles, and there were lots of strange piles of wood lying around. The Mog was looking a bit spooked too.

Just after breakfast things got even stranger when lots of people arrived and started rushing about doing things. They seemed nice enough, but I was a bit suspicious (particularly because the Mog suddenly vanished just before they all arrived), especially when they all dissapeared into the loft and started making loud hammering noises.

Fortunately, Dad explained what was going on before he had to rush off to work. One of the main beams in the roof is broken and needs to be replaced. To fix it, they have to take all the tiles off the roof, so Mum and Dad thought that if they were going to go to all the trouble to do that, they might as well put in another oom while they were at it. I'm hoping it might turn out to be a new bedroom for me.

After that, I decided that that the builders were alright. They hadn't finished by Friday, so I thought I'd better given them a bit of a hand to speed them up a bit. I'm good at bashing things with my hammer:

The builders didn't turn up on Saturday and Sunday, and we all had a lovely weekend. We went walked up the Garth on Saturday and I went to Church with Mum on Sunday. Dad says that the builders are going to be with us for another nine weeks or so. I think it's going to be quite fun, although I think The Mog will find it a bit hard.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

We went on holiday on Friday! Mum and Dad spent a lot of time running around putting things in bags, but thought it was all a bit boring. I tried to distract them by spreading my toys all over the kitchen, but it didn't seem to help. It took ages to put everything in the car, and when they'd finished there was barely enough room for me!

It took us three attempts to leave Cardiff. First of all, we had to stop because Dad wanted to look at the map (surely he should have looked before he left?) When we started again, we hadn't been going for more than ten minutes before turned back to see if the front door was locked: not only was it unlocked, it was also wide open. Good job we checked!

After that it was pretty dull (although things are far more interesting now I'm in my forward-facing seat), and I soon drifted off to sleep. The place we were staying in was the farm that Mum and Dad didn't get to last year.

It's lovely: not only are there loads of things to crawl under, it's on lots of different levels so there's lots of stairs to climb. Outside, there's a fascinating stream that I spent a lot of time trying to play in (I think I've inherited Dad's attraction to running water), and some sheep and lambs which were a bit scarey.

Later on, Ma, Pa and Aunty Ceri arrived. I was a bit shy at first, but I soon worked out who everyone was. I was especially pleased to find that Aunty Ceri was as funny as ever: she can still make me laugh like a drain.

When I woke up on Saturday, Nana and Grandpa where there! I'm not sure where they'd been hiding, but it was good to see them. In the morning, we all out to look at the books and antiques in Hay-on-Wye, and in the afternoon I went to find the trolls living on Arthur's Stone and played with Dad in the stream.

Then it was Easter day! Mum and Ma took me to Church where there was a large Easter Egg hunt (I found three eggs but didn't get to keep them: Mum says that "chocolate is poison for babies"). After Church we all went to the pub for lunch (I think there must be a law that says you have to go to the pub if you get more than two granparents in one place at the same time). And then I refused to go to sleep. Normally, I have a nap for an hour or so after lunch, but today I decided that I didn't need it. Needless to say, by tea-time, I was so tired that my eyes were practically falling out of my head.

On Monday we all went for a long walk. Dad carried me in the back-carrier, which is rather like sitting in a ruck-sack. I thought it was great as you can see much more than when you're in the pram. I was so pleased to be out and about that I sang the whole way round. We stopped for lunch in a rather nice pub (that pub/grandparent thing happened again) and we met Aunty Cheryl. We all had large amounts of food: I even managed to steal some chips from Pa's plate. After lunch I was so tired that I fell asleep on the bench.

Tuesday was a lot like Monday: we went for a walk and ended up having lunch in a pub. The main difference was that Dad wasn't here anymore: he had to go home to go back to work (I think he'd rather be on holiday).

Wednesday was a bit quieter, as Aunty Ceri, Nana and Grandpa and Dad had gone home. We went to see lots of different animals at a petting farm. It was fascinating and I had a great time saying "Bah!" to them all. I really liked the guinea-pigs and the goats; I gave them extra loud "Bah!"s to make sure they knew.

On Thursday, I woke up in my cot in my own bedroom and everything was back to normal. Well almost back to normal: while I've been away the house had been tranformed and there were a lot of busy people running up and down the stairs. But that's a story for another day...

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I had a very exiting day on Tuesday. It started when we went to play at Aunty Libby's house in the morning. Aunty Libby has lots of exciting things to play with at her house, including Tula the Irish Wolfhound (she's just a puppy but she's enormous) and a piano (when you bash the keys it makes a good noise). Tula was very excited to see us, and even tickled my hands and face with her tongue.

Then in the afternoon we went to the hosptial for a scan. We waited for a little while in a room full of toys and a really long play tunnel. I spent most of the wait crawling from one end of the tunnel to the other, and Mum was worried that I wouldn't come out! After a short while they took me into a different room with coloured lights on the ceiling and a shiny computer in the corner; it was very exciting. Then Mum stripped my clothes and a Doctor tickled me with a plastic stick thing that was covered in cold goo. It was very hard to sit still for the Doctor!

Wednesday was just as exciting, although slightly more painful. Mum and me went to the shop in the morning. I was a bit sleepy so I stayed in the pram; Mum put the basket on the pram handles as normal, and all went smoothly until Mum added a pack of nappies to the basket. Suddenly, the pram overbalanced and I was upside down! Lots of shop assistants came running, but I thought it was funny.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I don't think my Childminder was too pleased with me on Friday. I had my MMR on Tuesday, and I was fine afterwards apart from being a bit coughy. (I have a nasty tendency to be sick when I get a cough, so Mum is always super careful with me whenever I get one). Anyway, I was out and about in the car with my Childminder on Friday when I had a massive coughing fit; suddenly I was all in a bit of a mess. My poor childminder had to give me a complete change of clothes, and my car seat really hasn't been quite the same since. Perhaps Mum will take the opportunity to move me into the forward-facing one: I'm getting a bit bored of the view as all's I can see from my current seat is the sky and the inside of the car's roof.

I was still feeling a bit poorly on Saturday, but I cheered up a bit when we went round to Uncle Rupert's house to play. Nate has some cool toys and I had a lovely time playing with them. Nate's brother was also very kind and kept bringing us things to play with (Nate has his brother well trained). Later, we all had cake to eat and Uncle Rupert made some of his special "Hot Cross Bun with Marmite" for Dad (I tried a bit but it was horrid: Dad eats the strangest things).

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

It was a lovely day on Monday, so Mum and me went to play in the garden. It was the first time I've properly sat on grass, and I didn't really like it. I refused to crawl anywhere. It felt all funny on my hands and I sat still for a long time thinking about it (a rare ocurrence for me), lifing my legs up one at a time.

On Tuesday, I got a certificate at swimming! It proves that I can do lots of clever things in the pool like blowing bubbles and kicking my legs (allegedly). It won't be long before I'm swimming 100 lengths underwater and making emergency buoyancy aids by inflating my pyjama trousers.

On Wednesady, Mum had to go to work so Dad stayed home to look after me. We went to Playtime Palace with Bella and Aunty Aimee and we all had a lovely time. Later in the afternoon, we went to the park and I did crawl grudgingly on the grass (I wanted to get a stick and Dad wouldn't get it for me).

Sunday, April 02, 2006

It was April Fool's Day on Saturday. Mum and me got Dad a good one in the morning: we pretended that I'd been sick all over my cot! He was totally fooled and it was very funny watching his reaction. I reckon I could have a lot of fun on April Fool's Day in years to come (although I've got a long way top Uncle Dave's legendary "Green Muesli" trick).

Saturday was also Mabli's birthday party. There were loads of people there, including Mabli's Uncle who used to work with Dad. We all had a great time, and I had a lovely time playing with all of Mabli's new toys (She was very busy and I don't think she minded too much). I was very tired afterwards, and Mum and Dad had to keep prodding me on the way home to make sure I didn't go to sleep!

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