Sunday, March 26, 2006

I've been in the wars a bit this week. On Thursday, I was happily crawling after a toy in the front room when my hand slipped and my head bounced off the big slab of stone under the fireplace. It hurt quite a lot and there was a big pause before I told Mum about it very loudly. I've now got a bit of a black eye, and I think I look like a bit of a thug as I don't have much hair yet. Mum has been feeling a bit guilty about the whole thing, but there really wasn't anything anyone could have done.

And on Friday, I managed to trap my finger in the door of the cabinet under the TV. On of my favourite games is to sit by the cabinet and to take everything out of it, and to play with the door while I'm at it. I don't usually get to play with it for very long, as Mum or Dad will move me away as soon as they realise I'm playing near there (they say it's dangerous, and I can see why now). Anyway, I managed to slam the door on my fingers... Crawling is a lot more dangerous than I thought!

Things got better after that. On Saturday, we all went to Rowan's birthday party. We all had a great time playing with Rowan's toys and eating loads of party food:

And today is Mother's Day! Dad and me made Mum breakfast in bed, and then we all went out to Roath Park to look at the ducks. I hope Mum had a great day.

Finally, this is what I was doing one year ago.

I missed the link to what you were like this time last year but luckily your mum told me about it. Actually it brought tears to my eyes - I can't believe the transformation even tho I saw you several times when you were so small. FANTASTIC!
Hi Will,

It must have been strange to go back to the Unit but i should imagine it was great also to see all the nurses that were so good to you.. I bet they cant believe what a bruiser you are now with your skin head, black eye and cut knuckles! - take it easy, stay out of the wars
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