Sunday, February 19, 2006

On Friday, I went back to see my Consultant at the Hospital. It was good to see her, and she said that she was very pleased and that I was coming along really well. Mum asked about my teeth and my food, and was interested to hear that lots of premature babies don't get teeth for a long time (our bodies are busy putting energy into other things), and that lots of premature babies have trouble with lumpy food (feeding tubes play havok with the gag reflex). She said that things would sort themselves out eventually though.

Sunday was fun: we went to church in the morning and met Bella, Uncle Mark and Aunty Aimee. Mum was a bit embarrassed during the service because I did a huge burp when it went all quiet and everyone turned round to see what all the noise was about! We went round to Bella's house in the afternoon too, as it was Aunty Aimee's birthday and she said she needed some help eating her cake. Bella has some great toys, and I played with pretty much all of them.

Hope the weather's good at the end of this week, young grandson, so we can go to the park together! Ma
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