Sunday, February 12, 2006

I had a bit of a surprise on Saturday night: I thought I was going to sleep as usual when Mum and Dad put me to bed. But they woke me up about a hour later, and then proceeded to strap me into my car seat! I was a bit bemused as you can imagine. It turned out we were going to a party at Helen from Badminton's house, and that Bella was going to be there too. The idea was that we would have a "sleepover" while Mum and Dad enjoyed the party.

However, I didn't see Bella at all as I was asleep by the time we arrived. In fact, I slept through the entire party (noone told me that it's bad form to actually go to sleep on a sleepover!). I heard that Bella woke up and had a lot of fun talking to Helen's guests a bit later on, but I was a very good boy the whole time. I did wake up a bit as we were leaving though, and it was good to see everyone.

I did see Bella on Sunday though, as she met Mum and me at Church. I showed her where all the toys were, and we had good time playing at the back. Later on we watched Wales beat Scotland: I got to wear my special hat and Mum was very excited and kept shouting at the people on the tele. Mum said that it was much better than last week.

Finally, Mum and Dad wanted me to say that I'm having a Christening Party on the 26th of February in the Church Hall. Everyone is welcome: if you would like to come please let Mum or Dad know...

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