Sunday, February 05, 2006

How many Childminder's does it take to change a nappy? Give up? Well, if you're me, it takes three!

I went to the Wacky Warehouse with my Childminder on Friday, and had a lovely time chewing things in the ball-pool as normal. My Childminder is renowned for her amazing sense of smell, and partway through the session she sensed that something was up. She scooped me up and went to investigate, and had a rather nasty surprise: it had gone everywhere! To make things worse, I've recently decided that lying passively on the mat while someone changes me is no fun: it's far more exciting to try and turn onto my tummy or to try to grab the nappy when they're not looking. I think she had a bit of a hard time, as it took three Childminder's to hold me still and clean me up. I thought it was funny, but my Childminder was not amused.

I've still got the really nasty cough I picked up nearly three weeks ago. Mum took me to the Doctor's again last week and came back with a rather strange device that they're supposed to use on me. I thought it was a bit scarey (and not unlike something from the Unit), so Mum had BeeBee Bear demonstrate it to show me that it was OK:

Mum and Dad have to give it to me when I'm asleep, and I think it works. We've also had a gadget from one of Mum's friends which puts really strong menthol vapours into the air in my bedroom. The smell is strong enough to make your eyes water, but it really helps clear my breathing.

Finally, Mum came down this morning to discover two lions in a cage in the dining room:

(My new play pen arrived - I think it's great)

wait till your parents have to hide in there from you! Ma
Now heres a strange thing Will. Neither your Mum, Dad nor your Ma has mentioned that it has been a 6 nations weekend. Funny that!
Tee Hee!
Aunty Lou
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