Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Aunty Siân from the Unit was on S4C last night; on "O'r Galon: Babis Bach Siân":

The first programme in the documentary series, O'r Galon, follows Sister Siân Rees and her staff at the Neonatal Unit at Cardiff's University Hospital. Until recently, premature babies who were born at 26 weeks or earlier did not stand a very good chance of survival. But, over the past few years, things have changed drastically because of medical developments in the field. These days, babies born at 23-24 weeks are part of the Unit's success story. This film features parents of a number of premature babies born at the Unit and follows Siân and her team at work in this very specialised field.

I thought this documentary was really well done, we all had a great time recognising the Nurses that used to look after me when I was there. And I was on TV too: they had some footage of the Christmas Party we went to back in December. One of the shots was of me having a nice cuddle with Aunty Siân! Mum and Dad have got it on video if anyone wants to see it.

Mum was very cross with me on Monday afternoon, as I forgot to go to sleep after lunch (she said I was a "No Nap Neddy"). On a normal day, I'll go to sleep for one or two hours after lunch so that I can make it to tea-time without flaking out. However, things went a bit wrong after lunch on Monday. I would tell her that I was tired and she would settle me down in the pram for a sleep, but a few moments later I would suddenly be wide awake and playing. Needless to say, I was a bit tired by teatime, and Mum was a bit cross...

William, i am so proud of you making your television debut!i can't wait to watch the video. i make my tv debut on sunday! i am a bit scared but i am hopeful that it will all go well. you'll be dodging the paparazzi soon! glad to see you are still doing well and causing havoc and i hope to see you soon, lots of love Annie xxx
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