Sunday, February 26, 2006

I had a bath at Church today, which was a bit surprising really.

Looking back, I should have guessed that something was up: we've had Ma staying with us since Wednesday evening, and we've been to the shop so many times over the past few days that the people working there have started to recognise me. Then Pa, Aunty Ceri, Aunty Louisa and Thomas all arrived yesterday afternoon, but I was so pleased to see them that I forgot to ask why they were all here. And by the time that Uncle Jonathan and Aunty Aileen arrive in the evening, I was feeling a bit giddy and I all's I could do was laugh at my balloons (they're very funny if you donk them on your head).

So we went to Church this morning as normal, although it took us a bit longer to get there as there seemed to be rather a lot of stuff to fit in the car. There were even more family members at Church: Granny, Nana and Grandpa, Aunty Emma, Aunty Sally, and my cousins Aiden, Jamie and Naomi. I could also see a lot of my friends there too, including my mate Ewan and her big sister Ellie, and my friend Bella. I even thought I saw some Nurses from the Unit. It was all very exciting.

Church is usually good fun, but today was a bit special. I had a great time laughing at the people in the rows behind me, although Aunty Ceri nearly got me into trouble as she kept making me giggle by pulling funny faces. About halfway through the service, the Vicar took me out to the front with Mum and Dad, Uncle Jonathan, Uncle Mark, Aunty Louisa (and Thomas) and Aunty Clair. He explained that the people beside me were now my "god parents" - I think I'm in good hands. They all then put some funny-smelling stuff on my head, and the Vicar then took me over to a bowl of water in the corner and washed my hair! It was all a bit strange really. But before I could get really upset, he took me for a walk around the Church and I got to say hello to everyone. It was great.

After the service, we had a huge party in the Church Hall. Loads more people came, including lots of my friends from Tots, some of Mum and Dad's friends from badminton and my lovely Childminder:

One highlight was having a cuddle with some of the Nurses who used to look after me on the Unit. It was really good to see them again:

It was so busy that I had to lie down for a while to recover:

Mum and Dad organised a photo competition to keep everyone entertained while they ate. They picked a photo from my blog from each month since I was born, and mixed them all up on a big board. All's people had to do was put put the photo back in the right order, but it was harder than it looked (even Mum didn't get it right the first time!) A few people managed to get 10 out of 12 right, but clever Uncle Jonathan and Aunty Aileen managed to get them all right.

We also took a collection for the Unit during the party: we managed to raise £400! Thankyou very much to all who contributed!

(Dad was too busy talking to take many pictures, but if you've got some nice ones he'd been happy to put them up here for everyone to see)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I've had another nasty cold this week and I've been feeling a bit miserable (Dad says that I've been poorly for at least six of the past eight weeks now; we're all getting a bit fed up. When does the cold season end?) Just after breakfast on Tuesday, I had a bit of a coughing fit and managed to cough my breakfast up all over the living room just as we were going out. Mum went to get the kitchen roll to clean everything up. While her back was turned I decide that she needed some help, so I grabbed the kitchen roll and started pulling. The more I pulled, the more kitchen roll there was, and pretty soon i was surrrounded by the stuff:

I thought it was funny, but Mum wasn't very happy.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

On Friday, I went back to see my Consultant at the Hospital. It was good to see her, and she said that she was very pleased and that I was coming along really well. Mum asked about my teeth and my food, and was interested to hear that lots of premature babies don't get teeth for a long time (our bodies are busy putting energy into other things), and that lots of premature babies have trouble with lumpy food (feeding tubes play havok with the gag reflex). She said that things would sort themselves out eventually though.

Sunday was fun: we went to church in the morning and met Bella, Uncle Mark and Aunty Aimee. Mum was a bit embarrassed during the service because I did a huge burp when it went all quiet and everyone turned round to see what all the noise was about! We went round to Bella's house in the afternoon too, as it was Aunty Aimee's birthday and she said she needed some help eating her cake. Bella has some great toys, and I played with pretty much all of them.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I spent a lot of Friday with my Childminder making a card for Mum for Valentine's day. I brought it home in a special shiny bag, and I got my Childminder to tell Mum not to open it until Tuesday. I was quite pleased with the card: it had a big love-heart on it and I signed it specially. I think Mum liked it too, as she gave me a big huge and a kiss when she opened it. I love my Mum.

I made a big step forward with my eating this week. Mum and Dad have been trying to get me to eat lumpy food like rusks and things for some time, but I've always been a bit wary of food that you have to chew. I quite like the taste of lumpy food, especially if it's sweet, but every now and again I bite off a large mouthful instead of a small nibble and I'm not really sure what to do with it (I usually make a big fuss and cough it up).

At Tots on Tuesday, Mum decided to try me with some of her cake. I thought it was yummy (although I didn't like the icing on the top) and to everyone's surprise I ate the entire thing! I got the taste for it after that and had several biscuits and a beaker of juice too. Mum was very proud of me.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

I had a bit of a surprise on Saturday night: I thought I was going to sleep as usual when Mum and Dad put me to bed. But they woke me up about a hour later, and then proceeded to strap me into my car seat! I was a bit bemused as you can imagine. It turned out we were going to a party at Helen from Badminton's house, and that Bella was going to be there too. The idea was that we would have a "sleepover" while Mum and Dad enjoyed the party.

However, I didn't see Bella at all as I was asleep by the time we arrived. In fact, I slept through the entire party (noone told me that it's bad form to actually go to sleep on a sleepover!). I heard that Bella woke up and had a lot of fun talking to Helen's guests a bit later on, but I was a very good boy the whole time. I did wake up a bit as we were leaving though, and it was good to see everyone.

I did see Bella on Sunday though, as she met Mum and me at Church. I showed her where all the toys were, and we had good time playing at the back. Later on we watched Wales beat Scotland: I got to wear my special hat and Mum was very excited and kept shouting at the people on the tele. Mum said that it was much better than last week.

Finally, Mum and Dad wanted me to say that I'm having a Christening Party on the 26th of February in the Church Hall. Everyone is welcome: if you would like to come please let Mum or Dad know...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Aunty Siân from the Unit was on S4C last night; on "O'r Galon: Babis Bach Siân":

The first programme in the documentary series, O'r Galon, follows Sister Siân Rees and her staff at the Neonatal Unit at Cardiff's University Hospital. Until recently, premature babies who were born at 26 weeks or earlier did not stand a very good chance of survival. But, over the past few years, things have changed drastically because of medical developments in the field. These days, babies born at 23-24 weeks are part of the Unit's success story. This film features parents of a number of premature babies born at the Unit and follows Siân and her team at work in this very specialised field.

I thought this documentary was really well done, we all had a great time recognising the Nurses that used to look after me when I was there. And I was on TV too: they had some footage of the Christmas Party we went to back in December. One of the shots was of me having a nice cuddle with Aunty Siân! Mum and Dad have got it on video if anyone wants to see it.

Mum was very cross with me on Monday afternoon, as I forgot to go to sleep after lunch (she said I was a "No Nap Neddy"). On a normal day, I'll go to sleep for one or two hours after lunch so that I can make it to tea-time without flaking out. However, things went a bit wrong after lunch on Monday. I would tell her that I was tired and she would settle me down in the pram for a sleep, but a few moments later I would suddenly be wide awake and playing. Needless to say, I was a bit tired by teatime, and Mum was a bit cross...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

How many Childminder's does it take to change a nappy? Give up? Well, if you're me, it takes three!

I went to the Wacky Warehouse with my Childminder on Friday, and had a lovely time chewing things in the ball-pool as normal. My Childminder is renowned for her amazing sense of smell, and partway through the session she sensed that something was up. She scooped me up and went to investigate, and had a rather nasty surprise: it had gone everywhere! To make things worse, I've recently decided that lying passively on the mat while someone changes me is no fun: it's far more exciting to try and turn onto my tummy or to try to grab the nappy when they're not looking. I think she had a bit of a hard time, as it took three Childminder's to hold me still and clean me up. I thought it was funny, but my Childminder was not amused.

I've still got the really nasty cough I picked up nearly three weeks ago. Mum took me to the Doctor's again last week and came back with a rather strange device that they're supposed to use on me. I thought it was a bit scarey (and not unlike something from the Unit), so Mum had BeeBee Bear demonstrate it to show me that it was OK:

Mum and Dad have to give it to me when I'm asleep, and I think it works. We've also had a gadget from one of Mum's friends which puts really strong menthol vapours into the air in my bedroom. The smell is strong enough to make your eyes water, but it really helps clear my breathing.

Finally, Mum came down this morning to discover two lions in a cage in the dining room:

(My new play pen arrived - I think it's great)

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