Sunday, January 08, 2006

I had lots of fun at my Childminder's on Thursday and Friday. I showed her my sitting up (I can do it really well until I get distracted by me feet or The Mog), and I showed her my crawling (well, I've got the arm action all figured out, but I've yet to work out what I should do with my legs: they keep getting in the way). On Saturday we all went swimming. I showed Dad all the things I've learnt at my swimming classes: we all had great fun doing the actions to the "Wheels on the bus". We didn't stay too long because it was pretty cold and both Dad and I go blue in cold water. But it was good fun.

I've realised that I need a new headline picture. I like the one on the right, but I'm wearing my Father Christmas outfit and it's not Christmas anymore. And the original picture I put there doesn't look much like me anymore: I've changed a lot in the last 9 months. So, if you've got any ideas about which picture from the last few months I should have up on the right hand side, please let me know...

Hi Will! Happy Xmas and a Happy New Year! - Apologies that this is so delayed but I have been on holiday with your nana and grandpa, auntie sal, paul and your two cousins Jamie and Aiden. We all had a great time and I was sorry to see them all go (well apart from the mess in my apartment!) Now I am back at work :( but it makes it much better that I can look back over what you have been upto. For my vote I think this pic is best:

Have fun Will, see you this year.

Uncle Dave
I agree, or one of the more-dinner-on-my-face-than-in-my-bowl-or-in-my-tummy pics
i can't work out which your uncle Dave means - can your dad give it a date? If you could get just you, the one of you with Aunty Vonny is lovely - same thing applies to the one with your Nana (not that there's any thing wrong with them you understand), but it is YOUR blog, after all. I also like the food on face ones!
Love. Ma
Hi Will!
I vote for Nov 23rd - you in the rubber ring. It's VERY cute and you just look very happy with life, which is hardly surprising, given how you've made such a great success of it so far. And its nice to look at your smile on a dreary day in Leeds!
But I am sure whichever picture your Mum and Dad choose will be fab - you're a very photogenic boy, you know!
Right - I have nasty scary exams to revise for but getting up to date with your news has been a very pleasant distraction and will have done my powers of translation the world of good.
Love to your Mum and Dad,
Jen xx
Hi Will,
I vote for the one with you asleep with the petit filous all around your mouth! Petit filous should use that on their ad campaign!
Lots of love Annie xxxxx
happy new year will!sorry we've not been in touch over xmas, we've been away with uncle dave, nana and grandpa - we had a wonderful time but we did say on many occasions that we wished you and your mum and dad could be with us too! perhaps next time we can all go! im glad to hear you had such an exciting xmas, we hardly knew xmas had happened and lazed around on a beach all day! there wasnt even a turkey in sight, although the island we were on was called 'chicken' island (because of its shape) i think the picture in the ring or the food one or maybe the 'boo' picture from oct? i think theyre all so good im glad i don't have to choose one!!! sending you all biggest hugs and loads of love and magic for 2006, auntie sal & co xxx
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