Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!. Today is the start of 2006, and I want to give my biggest smile to one and all. I'm not too clear on why we need a new year (Dad says that we've need a new one because we used up all the days in the last one), but everyone seemed to be very pleased to see the end of the old one: all the fireworks at midnight woke me up!

Anyway, 2005 turned out to be rather busy for me and my family. I wonder how 2006 will turn out?

happy new year, Will1 It's very quiet here without you, your Mum & Dad, and everyone visiting you. you're great - your good temper has to be seen to be believed! Love & kisses, Ma & Pa
And a Happy New Year to you and your mum and dad from a very hot and sticky Bangkok

Hope you give them a rather less exciting 2006 XXXX
Happy New Year to you too, young William! I am pleased you enjoyed your exciting trip to Cheshire and all the best for 2006.
Lots of love,
Jen xxxx
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