Sunday, December 11, 2005

On Sunday, I went to the Hospital again, but not because I was poorly: we went to the SCBU Christmas Party, and it was fab. There were lots of people there who remembered me (I had lots of cuddles), and Mum and Dad chatted to some of the Mums and Dads they knew while they were on the Unit. Only a few babies from my cohort were there, but they were all enormous and all looked very healthy.

While we were chatting, it went suddenly went really dark. When the lights went back on, Father Christmas had arrived!

I thought his long beard was really funny as it looked a bit like The Mog. He said I'd been a very good boy and he gave me a present. I wasted no time and I soon had it open: Mum said that I wouldn't like the stuff inside and that she would "look after it" for me, but I had a lovely time playing with the wrapper:

After we had all seen Father Christmas, we went upstairs to sing some Christmas carols in the Unit itself. Mum was wondering if I would remember being there at all, but she needen't have worried. As soon as I got in there I started wriggling and laughing: I think I recognised the distinctive smell and sounds. A lot of the Aunties who looked after me were working today, and so I had some more cuddles (I'm a very lucky boy). It was lovely to see them all again, and we all had a great time at the party. Thankyou for inviting us, and I hope you all have a really Happy Christmas!

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