Sunday, December 04, 2005

Nana came to stay on Friday! Mum and Dad originally asked her to come to stay so that they could go to the badminton Christmas meal on Friday evening. But they got the date wrong: their coach rang them up on Thursday evening to fnd out where they were (they felt very silly).

It was great to see Nana though, and we had a really relaxing and fun weekend. She babysat for me on Saturday night when Mum and Dad went out to see Harry Potter, although I forgot to wake up to play with her when they were out (sorry Nana!) And on Sunday, we went out for lunch in Cardiff Bay:

On a different note, I've beginning to feel that mealtimes were missing something. So on Friday, I decided that it was high time I showed Mum and Dad where they were going wrong by grabbing to spoon from Mum and doing it my own way:

(Editors note: Mealtimes take a lot longer and are a lot messier than they used to be!)

Hello Will!
First, I just have to say that that is a gorgeous picture of you and your nana having lunch! What a cheerful stripey young man! Anyway, as usual it has been wonderful catching up with your adventures and that spoon trick looks very impressive - a hint for when you have mastered that and ready for something more challenging...a spoon makes a great missile launcher for food ('speshly for food that you dont like!)
Send my love to your parents
Jen xx
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