Sunday, December 18, 2005

I've not been very well this week. In fact, I started feeling poorly on Thursday, and my Childminder was quite concerned by the time Dad came to pick me up (although I had a lovely day playing with her). I've got another nasty cold which is making it hard for me to breathe, so Dad took Friday off to take me to the Doctors (my parents have been rather more cautious since ending up in Hosptial the last time I was ill!) The reallly unpleasent bit is that all the gunk in my head makes me be sick after pretty much every meal; it's really rather messy. Dad says I need to learn to "blow my nose", but I don't see how blowing on my nose will help much.

Anyway, I was feeling a bit brighter by the end of the day, so Mum and Dad took a chance and went out to a Christmas party at Mum's work while Aunty Cheryl looked after me. I was a very good boy (and very tired) and I didn't stir once; Mum and Dad had a good time and were very relieved to hear that I'd been so good (cleaning up sick is definitely a job for Mum and Dad!)

I felt a bit better on Saturday, but Mum and Dad spent most of the morning packing things into bags. It was a bit boring, so I entertained them by making funny noises while I rolled around the bed. After lunch they bundled me into the car for what seemed like forever (well, I went to sleep and we were still in the car when we woke up). Mum and Dad were wearing really smart clothes (Mum looked very nice), but for some reason I was still in my baby-grow.

When we finally stopped, Mum changed me at top speed into some new clothes and we ran into a big church. There were lots of people I didn't recognise, but they all smiled at me when I smiled at them. Dad said we were at a "wedding". I noticed a nervous-looking Uncle Phil at the front of the church, and then there was some music and Aunty Angela came down the middle of the church wearing a long white dress. She looked very pretty so I smiled at her a lot. Everyone did some singing and Mum made everyone laugh by reading a funny poem. There were some boring bits with no singing, so I did Gremlin impressions until people started laughing at me and Dad told me to be quiet.

Finally, we all went outside and a funny man with a camera took lots of photos. We then got back in the car and went off to a big party in a hotel. It was great: there were loads of people to smile at and I had a lovely time socialising until it was time for me to have something to eat. We all had our best clothes on:

The only bad thing that happened was on the way upstairs for my bath: I had a coughing fit and was sick all over the lobby! Fortunately, I missed my natty new clothes (although I did splatter Dad's shoes and Mum's new top!) But everything was soon cleaned up and we were back at the party in no time.

I slept in my pram during the sit down meal. It was a bit noisy, but I did manage to sleep despite the cheering that followed the speeches. I eventually woke up when everyone had finished eating, so I spent a good hour socialising and charming everyone on our table. Mum and Dad said they were very proud of me for being so good the whole day, particularly when I wasn't feeling my best. I had a great time, and I hope Angela and Phil are very happy together.

you did have a big day out - your auntie Angela looks lovely - as indeed do you & your mum. Will you remind your parents to bring photies of the wedding for me to se when you come for Christmas? hope your cold is better by then - you & Pa can have a competition for whose cold is worse! Love, Ma
Wow Angela looked beautiful - glad to hear you are doing so well - and look totally adorable in your new clothes!
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