Thursday, December 01, 2005

I've been feeling a bit better this week, but I wasn't well enough by Thursday to go to the Childminder's. So Dad stayed home from work to look after me. He said it felt a bit odd standing on the doorstep to waving Mum off; as normally it's Mm and me waving him off. We had lots of fun, and we even we out for a wet and windy walk in the rain.

We ended the day by watching CBeebies, which has lots of fun stuff for me to watch. My favaourite shows are the Tweenies (I like Jake the best), and Boogie Beebies.

Your blog isn't being Ma friendly at the moment and keeps losing my messages - this one will therefore confine itself to Get Well Soon! Ma & Pa
Hooray! Got there Ma
Hi Will,

Alex recommends Charly and Lola on CBeebies, and the theme tune will get stuck in Mummy and Daddy's heads for weeks!
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