Saturday, November 12, 2005

I've been having great fun with my Childminder this week. For example, on Friday we went to a playgroup where some of the other children made another me! It must have been quite tricky because they did it by drawing round me which tickled and it made me wriggle. But it's quite a good likeness (apart from the spaghetti hair):

I've also perfected a "fake cough" which is really good for getting attention and worrying the Childminder. However, I think Mum and Dad must have told her about it because it didn't work quite as I expected as she laughed at me when I tried it.

Hey Will!
Great picture - that's a very clever idea to draw round you like that. Must have been fun! Glad everything's going well with the Childminder.
I showed your blog to my flatmate and it turns out she was early too! 3 months, I think. So she was really happy to see the website and she sent it to her parents in Canada too. Your international fanbase is growing, young man!
Right, it's late and I need my beauty sleep, so take care and love to your Mum and Dad.
Love Jen xx
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