Sunday, October 02, 2005

On Thursday, I met up with the gang at Mabli's house for a weighing party: I'm now 10 pounds 11. This isn't as much as Mum and Dad had hoped given the amount of food I've been eating, but it's still very respectible. The Outreach Nurse also said that all the chatting I've been doing (and I've been doing it a lot recently) takes a lot of energy. I think she was trying to say that I'd grow faster if I was quieter.

On Friday I had a terrible scare. I was having a lovely bath with lots of bubbles when Dad decided to put one of my bath toys in with me. He chose a bright yellow elephant with a long trunk, and I chased it round the bath happily for a bit before it all went horribly wrong: Dad made the elephant squeak! I jumped out of my skin, and I didn't stop crying until I was all tucked up in bed. I think Dad felt pretty bad about it, but at least he won't go scaring me in the bath again.

I think you should give that yellow elephant another chance. It came all the way from Thailand to be your friend and I bet your frightened it far more than he frightened you!
Well i agree with Nana Sue and now feel very sorry for the elephant sat in the corner on his own.(always had a problem with inanimate objects). Please make him happy again by letting him in the bath as long as he keeps quiet.Maybe he just needs to practise his English. Please ask your Dad to post a picture of you two being friends or I will worry about him. Pleased to see you having fun with the gang - I think you all look like trouble personally! Love Aunty Ceri xxx
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