Monday, September 19, 2005

Who's this?

At first glance it looks like me, but it's actually Dad! (he's being held by Granny in Altringham, and isn't that a great outfit he's in?) It was taken when he was just eight weeks old (I didn't realise they had colour photography back then). I guess we can be pretty sure that my smile comes from Dad...

Hey William, that photo is uncanny! I, too, look like my dad, except my hair is much longer than his, and i have less wrinkles (at the moment). In fact my mummy has a photo of me at several months and a photo of dad taken at several months and, had dad's photo not been black and white, we wouldn't know the difference!I am not sure if I am insulted a little though, since I am a girl...
Anyway, I think you are looking so gorgeous at the moment, all these smiley photos! Keep them coming, and keep laughing lots - it is good for you! Lots of love, Anniexxx
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