Monday, September 12, 2005

On Friday, I went back to the Hospital for some more blood tests. They're not something I enjoy much. While they still do them no matter how loudly I complain, I've started to learn the routine a bit. I now start complaining loudly as soon as they come anywhere near me with a MediWipe. Later on, they wanted me to wee into a pot so that they could test that too, but I refused (the way I see it, every little bit of petty resistance counts...)

However, all the tests came out fine; I'm ticking along quite nicely thankyou. The Consultant also had a long chat with Mum about my missing kidney: it's been missing right from the start, and it has nothing to do with me being premature. In fact, the Consultant said that if I'd been a normal baby we might never had known about it. It made me wonder how many people are wandering around without realising they're missing a bit of superflourous plumbing. Anyway, I think all this made Mum feel a bit better, as she's been worrying that it might have been something to do with my traumatic birth.

On Sunday, we went back to the Hospital again. I was a bit worred at first, but it turned out we were going to see Aunty Aimee and her new baby, Isabella. She was born early that morning, and both Aunty Aimee and Isabella looked great. At at 6 pounds and 13 ounces she's a bit smaller than me, but I thought she was fascinatating. Mum says that we'll be able to go round and play soon.

Hello Will, it would be lovely to have you to come round and play with me. At the moment I'm a bit small but I'm sure I'll get bigger, the nurses said something about lots of milk being the key.

Your mummy and daddy have been really helpful and kind to my mummy and daddy, mine are still a bit inept (don't tell them I said so, they'd be a bit upset I think) but they are learning all the time.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon, its nice to only be 48 hours old and to have a friend already.

Love Isabella
Hello Will!
Once again you have had me glued to the monitor, catching up on all your exciting adventures. Glad to see you are still keeping the nurses on their toes with your refusal to pee and general loud protests to anything that threatens to turn into a blood-test. You're living the rock n roll lifestyle already.
I must also say a very big thank you for the card I got this morning from you! It was a lovely surprise and I am glad to know that the giant teddy is keeping an eye on things. My Mum was also very happy to get her card too and she has asked me to pass on her thanks. So thanks to you, there were 2 very happy people in Alderley Edge this morning. Good work!
Right then - best go. I am off to Leeds tomorrow to live the student dream again. But I do have a shiny new laptop and internet in the house so I will certainly be keeping myself up to date with your progress all the way from darkest Yorkshire.
Lots of love,
Jen xxxx
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