Saturday, September 03, 2005

My Trip Up North Part 5 - Cultural Outings, Visits and Journeys

On Wednesday, we went to see Aunty Ceri at her workplace, the Salford Museum and Art Gallery. She showed me all the exciting exhibitions there, and we had some tasty cake in the cafe. It was great!

On Thursday, we dropped in to see Ma at her work, and then went on to see Granny in Slaithewait and Aunty Jean. We arrived a bit early, so we had some lunch in a cafe called the "Vanilla Bean". It was very busy, but the nice ladies who ran the place were able to warm up my lunch for me. After we had finished, we went on to see Granny - she was very pleased to see me.

On Friday, Dad got his cast replaced at the Hospital. He'll have to wear this one for another four or five weeks, so he's not too happy. The cast itself is pretty funny: it's bright purple! It makes me smile when I see him hopping about with it.

After lunch, we drove back home and it took ages. I was really hot and bored by the time I got home, and I was very relieved to have my tea and get into my bath. I'm glad to be home, but I'm missing everyone terribly.

Hi Will,

I trust that great grannie Margetts rubbed your cheeks and said "have'nt you grown!" and "Stephen, a stiff whiskey would soon sort that leg!" to your Dad before rustling up some apple crumble and her world renown custard..

Hi Will!
Sorry I haven't written for a long time - what with holidays and general running around the country for friends' birthdays, christenings and other miscellaneous celebrations, I havent had much time to sit down and catch up with your escapades.
Anyway, it was wonderful to meet you last week. I was a bit starstruck to be honest - it's not everyday you meet an 'A' List celebrity like yourself, so I was most honoured. It was lovely to see your Mum and Dad too and everyone at the Barbecue. I was most impressed with your eating capabilities. Keep up the good work.
Lots of love, Jen xx
Hi Wil

Greetings from Nairobi, Kenya, keep up the messages, its good to keep in touch

Grandpa Tony
Sorry to say that Granny in Slaithwaite has gone into hospital again so when you all saw her she was on good form. She's very frail and has probably got an infection. She will probably go to a rehab place in a little while so she won't be at home I don't think for some time. She did enjoy seeing you all last week and so did I.
Lots of love
Jean xxx
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