Sunday, September 25, 2005

I should have been four months old today, but I'm actually nearly seven months old. Kinda strange, isnt it? But I'm big enough now to fit into the mountain of 0-3 months clothes we have. We're very lucky as we've been given loads of clothes from friends (mostly from my friend Ewan, and from Mum's friend Lynne). I think all the choice has sent Mum a bit mad as I've been wearng some very strange things recently. She's particularly keen on putting me in things with ears:

In addition, I've had a number of excellent homemade knitwear garments from Jill and Nana:

These are both really warm and toasty, and I like them a lot.

Otherwise, I've had a pertty quiet week, as Mum hasn't been feeling very well. Dad's ankle is getting better though, and with luck he'll be out of the cast and chasing me round in ten days or so. On Wednesday, I went for another practise at the Childminder's house: we sang some songs and played for a long while and we generally had a good time. Mum is planning to leave me there with my mid-morning snack next week, which should be interesting.

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