Thursday, August 18, 2005

On Monday, I met Aunty Chris and Uncle Rob. They're some of Mum's friends from University. Rob was very good at enteraining me:

On Tuesday, Rowan and me went to Cosmeston for a walk. They've got a great adventure playground there, but we were a bit little for that yet, so our mums took us for a walk round the lake. We played on my mat for a bit and our mums had ice-creams: everyone had a good time.

On Thursday I saw the Outreach Nurse: I'm now 9 pounds and 1 ounce! She had some good and bad news for me. The good news is that I'm doing really well. The bad news is that because I'm doing really well, she won't need to come and see me many more times. I think she's great, and I'll miss her visits.

Tomorrow, I've got to go back to the Hosptial for my last kidney check. It's quite an involved procedure: Mum and me will have to wait around for about four hours while they do the test. I don't think Mum is looking forward to it.

Hi Will,

I have just come back from Japan and I enjoyed being able to check up on your crash weight gain from over there. Glad to hear that like me and your Dad you like rice but I would also suggest you try eating chanko-nabe ( or 'sumo stew'. This is what Sumo wrestlers eat and it is made from meat, tofu, miso and vegetables. A few years on this stuff and you to can weigh over 200kg!

Un'kle D
The trouble with Will.
Is not that he's ill -
It's just that he's got one tiddley

The other one's fine though - if you have to have something a bit wobbly, you've chosen well!

Looking forward to you wowing everyone up here!
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