Saturday, August 27, 2005

My Trip Up North Part 1 - The Longest Journey

On Wednesday, we went for a really long trip in the car. It took a long time to get ready, as Mum and Dad were rushing round the house packing things. We were in the car for ages: I watched the trees pass by overhead for a bit and then I went to sleep... and when I woke up we were still in the car! Eventually, we stopped at a wet and noisy place called a "service station" where I had some food. Then we went back in the car for ages again. After about a million years, we finally arrived at Nana and Grandpa's house. Mum and Dad were very excited.

It's been a dizzying social whirl ever since, and my head is spinning trying to keep track of all the different people I've met. On Wednesday, I saw Aunty Sal (she was very noisy), Cousin Aiden, Cousin Jamie, Ma, Pa, Nana, Grandpa, Aunty Kate, Baby Jack and Aunty Jenny:

Later on in the evening, I had a bath in a washing up bowl (Dad thought this was very funny) and then I went to bed in Dad's old room. I was very tired as it had been a very busy day.

On Thursday, we went round to Ma and Pa's house for lunch and met Dorothy and their new cat Sargent:

In the afternoon, I went to see Granny in Altringham at her house:

And on Friday, I went back round to Ma and Pa's house to see funny Aunty Ceri and to meet Aunty Hilda:

It's been so busy!

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