Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My Trip Up North Part 4 - The Gathering

On Tuesday, loads of people came over to Nana's house for a big barbeque. There was tons of good food, and I had cuddles with lots of nice people. I was very pleased to see them all, and I was very smiley throughout the whole evening. (Dad and Mum took loads of photos; I've made them small to save space, but you can click on them to a see a bigger version):

Mum made me some special Butternut Squash and Apple food for the barbeque; it was so yummy that I wouldn't let Aunty Ceri stop feeding it to me for well over an hour:

Afterwards, I was in a bit of a mess. Fortunately, Aunty Naomi was on hand to give me a bath. Unfortunately, I had a bit of an accident while I was in there, but I was soon cleaned up and ready for bed.

I hd a really good time at the barbeque, and I'd like to thank everyone who came by giving you all a big smile:

Sunday, August 28, 2005

My Trip Up North Part 3 - Meeting Aunty Ceri's Friends

On Sunday, I met lots of Aunty Ceri's friends. I've heard a lot about these people from Aunty Ceri, and I was really pleased to finally meet them all:

My Trip Up North Part 2 - Dad breaks his ankle

My silly Dad has broken his ankle! He went out rock-climbing with Grandpa and Cousin Aiden to Windgather Rocks on Saturday morning, and broke his ankle while playing around with Cousin Aiden on the way back. It's nothing too dramatic: he broke his tibia by landing awkwardly from a fall of about 12 inches on to soft grass. He's now hopping around Nana's house sporting a natty pair of crutches and a big plaster cast and generally feeling very silly. The Doctor said he'd probably have to wear the cast for about six weeks. He says he's a silly sausage and he's very sorry, particularly because poor Mum will now have to do a lot of extra running about to look after me and him.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

My Trip Up North Part 1 - The Longest Journey

On Wednesday, we went for a really long trip in the car. It took a long time to get ready, as Mum and Dad were rushing round the house packing things. We were in the car for ages: I watched the trees pass by overhead for a bit and then I went to sleep... and when I woke up we were still in the car! Eventually, we stopped at a wet and noisy place called a "service station" where I had some food. Then we went back in the car for ages again. After about a million years, we finally arrived at Nana and Grandpa's house. Mum and Dad were very excited.

It's been a dizzying social whirl ever since, and my head is spinning trying to keep track of all the different people I've met. On Wednesday, I saw Aunty Sal (she was very noisy), Cousin Aiden, Cousin Jamie, Ma, Pa, Nana, Grandpa, Aunty Kate, Baby Jack and Aunty Jenny:

Later on in the evening, I had a bath in a washing up bowl (Dad thought this was very funny) and then I went to bed in Dad's old room. I was very tired as it had been a very busy day.

On Thursday, we went round to Ma and Pa's house for lunch and met Dorothy and their new cat Sargent:

In the afternoon, I went to see Granny in Altringham at her house:

And on Friday, I went back round to Ma and Pa's house to see funny Aunty Ceri and to meet Aunty Hilda:

It's been so busy!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

On Friday, I went to the Hospital for my my last kidney scan. It was a bit of a traumatic day really, especially for Mum. The scan itself was pretty simple: all's I had to do was lie still so that they could take some pictures of me with a special camera. But the preparation for the scan wasn't so fun, as they had to inject some funny dye into me (the special camera can see the dye inside my body, and this tells the Consultants where my blood is going and where it's not going).

It took them a long time to find the right spot for the canular (something that neither the Doctor, Mum nor me enjoyed very much). It got worse when they took it out, as there was a bit of a leak and blood splurted all over me and all over Mum's white shirt. Mum said afterwards that she looked like she'd been in a traffic accident.

While we were waiting around for the dye to work it way round my body, Mum and me went up to the Unit to say hello. The Unit looks very smart now that they've finished all the building work, and I had lots of nice cuddles with some of the Nurses that used to look after me. It was great to see them again.

After all that, we went to see the Consultant. She went through the results of the last kidney scan with Mum: it turns out that one of my kidneys is rather small and not functioning properly, probably because it didn't grow properly when I was poorly inside Mum. We were hoping that this visit to the Hosptial would be my last one, but now it looks like I'll be coming back and forth for a long while. But at least everyone knows about it now, and they can treat me accordingly.

Anyway. On Saturday, Uncle Jonathan and Aunty Aileen came to see us. Dad's known Uncle Jonathan since they were at School. He was a bit worried about holding me to start with, but he soon got the hang of it:

Sunday was a beautiful day so we all went to the beach. It was very exciting. I somehow managed to get sand everywhere even though I wasn't anywhere near it. Sand doesn't taste too good though.

Mum and Dad spent some of the afternoon cooking up nice things for me to eat. I ended up having some mashed parsnips for my tea (they were yummy). Mum's found a good book about weaning babies like me, so I think I'm in for some interesting meals over the next few days. I can't wait!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

On Monday, I met Aunty Chris and Uncle Rob. They're some of Mum's friends from University. Rob was very good at enteraining me:

On Tuesday, Rowan and me went to Cosmeston for a walk. They've got a great adventure playground there, but we were a bit little for that yet, so our mums took us for a walk round the lake. We played on my mat for a bit and our mums had ice-creams: everyone had a good time.

On Thursday I saw the Outreach Nurse: I'm now 9 pounds and 1 ounce! She had some good and bad news for me. The good news is that I'm doing really well. The bad news is that because I'm doing really well, she won't need to come and see me many more times. I think she's great, and I'll miss her visits.

Tomorrow, I've got to go back to the Hosptial for my last kidney check. It's quite an involved procedure: Mum and me will have to wait around for about four hours while they do the test. I don't think Mum is looking forward to it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ma wrote me a funny poem about how greedy I am:

There was a boy whose name was Will,
Whose stomach was quite hard to fill:
Especially at round four o’clock.
His mother paused, and thought: took stock,
And then asked Auntie Sue, the Nurse:
“His hunger’s surely getting worse –
What do you suggest we do?”
After she thought the problem through,
Sue said “If you’ll take my advice,
You’ll start him on some Baby Rice!”
What excitement then ensued –
His first taste of real adult food!
And truth to tell, it worked a treat:
Soon he’ll be after Veg and Meat!

I've been really enjoying my Baby Rice, and I'm sure I'll have put on loads of weight when the Outreach Nurse comes to see me on Thursday.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Another day, another pub! We went to visit Aunty Gladys and Aunty Sue in Sully in the morning and ended up having a spot of lunch at the Captain's Wife.

The pub is right on the sea front,and I got my first glimpse of the sea: as far as I can tell, it's a big shiny cold bath with rocks in it. It looks pretty exciting. Dad and Aunty Ceri had some fun making stones jump across the water, but Aunty Ceri was rubbish and could only manage to get them to jump once or twice. Dad was pretty good at it though (something he puts it down to spending a lot of time throwing stones in lakes as a small boy) but I'm sure I'll be able to do better when I'm older.

On the way back, we stopped for ice-creams at Cosmeston. It's a really nice place for a walk and it's possible that Mum and me might come back later in the week with Rowan to chase the ducks.

Later in the afternoon, I had some more Baby Rice. It's really yummy!

Ma came to stay with us on Wednesday after spending a day in the bookshops at Hay-on-Wye. She brought some of her friends to see me: Aunty Barbara and Aunty Meg. They knew Mum when she was my size, so they must have friends for ages. The were all very talkative when they were here and it was fun to listen to them chatting.

I'm fascinated by faces at the moment, and I've spent a lot of time studying Ma's this week. I've decided that she looks a bit like Mum. It's been fun to have Ma to stay as she's good at entertaining me:

The Outreach Nurse came on Thursday to weigh me (I'm now 8 pounds and 13 ounces), and to take some blood to check up on my phosphate levels. Things have improved, and I'll only need to have nasty salty milk twice a day from now on.

On Friday evening, Aunty Ceri came to stay too (Pa was going to come as well, but he couldn't make it as he's just started a new job). Life is never dull when Aunty Ceri is around, but I'm always a bit wary when she's here as odd things tend to happen to me. As an example, this is me after Aunty Ceri was allowed to choose my outfit for the day:

Saturday turned out to be really busy. We met Aunty Cheryl for some nice food at the Maen Llwyd Inn, and then when we got back Aunty Aimee and Uncle Mark dropped by to say hello. I enjoyed it immensely, although I wasn't very happy when Aunty Cheryl tried to turn me upside down (apparently, she used to do this to Mum and Aunty Ceri when they were smaller). Later in the evening, Mum and Dad went out to Scott and Gemma's wedding, leaving Ma and Aunty Ceri in charge. This was the first time they've been out without me since I left the hosptial, and they were a bit giddy. They had a good time, although I don't know what Mum had been drinking as my late night feed tasted a bit odd.

I've been very hungry of late, and Mum has been finding it increasingly difficult to fill me up, especially in the afternoon. She talked to the Outreach Nurse about weaning, and it turns out that you wean premature babies like me from their actual bithdate and not their due date. So I could have some real food if I was ever really hungry.

Well, I was starving on Saturday afternoon. I was still hungry after Mum fed me from both sides, so Mum and Dad decided to try me on a small amount of Baby Rice (with some prompting from Aunty Ceri; I told you she was trouble). It look a short while to get the hang eating off the spoon, but once I'd cracked it I really enjoyed it:

I hope I can have some more soon!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I have a tale to tell about my friend Ewan. I was round at his house on Tuesday, enjoying the sunshine and generally having a lovely time in the garden when I saw Ewan discover a new game: if you post toys into the paddling pool they make a great splashy noise. It looked like great fun, and he played it until until he ran out of toys. He then decided to crawl in to get them, but it was a lot deeper than he thought and he ended up at the bottom of the pool. Aunty Claire and Mum were terrified, but poor Aunty Claire couldn't move because she'd hurt her back (Ewan is a big boy now). Fortunately, Mum was able to dump me on the floor and rescue him before any harm was done.

The moral of this tale? Never underestimate how fast my friend Ewan can move!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

It's Granny in Altringham's birthday today: many happy returns from me, Mum and Dad. She's celebrating by going round to Nana's house for a birthday tea; I hope there'll be lots of jelly and ice cream!

We went to see Uncle Pete and Aunty Liz yesterday. They have a huge house full of lots of nice things. They also have a very cute but slighty bonkers puppy called Poppy: she ran off with my socks and then tried to lick my feet. Aunty Liz made lots of really nice food for Mum and Dad, and I had a quick cuddle with Uncle Pete:

(Nana says that it's obvious I'm telling Uncle Pete something here, but she can't work out what. Any suggestions for a caption for this picture?).

Friday, August 05, 2005

We're all really pleased for Nana: she escaped from Hospital on Wednesday! (And not Tuesday like I thought originally). She's doing really well and I'm really proud of her (all that crossing of fingers, toes and eyes must have done some good). We're hoping to go and visit her later this month - I can't wait.

Mum and Dad have got lots of extra energy this week. I'm not sure exactly why, but they keep telling me that I'm a really good boy. I think it's something to do with me sleeping all the way through until 6am every morning.

Most of this week has been very quite. But Thursday was really busy: In the morning, Mum and me went to a Bliss meeting and the Outreach Nurse came (I'm now a chubby 8 pounds and 7 ounces). And in the afternoon, Mum and me went to collect Dad from Work so that Mum could go see her chiropractor (I'm getting heavier and Mum's back is starting to creak). Everyone at Dad's Work was pleased to see me, although I think they were just pleased to have a distraction: Dad's work looks really boring.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Nana went back into hospital this week for her final operation. Grandpa saw her yesterday evening and said that it went well, but that she was tired and a bit sore. I hope she gets better quickly and that they let her out soon; I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed.

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