Saturday, July 16, 2005

Ma and Pa came to see us today. They're using our house as a kind of stop-off point on their way to France for a holiday. It was good to see them, and I even managed to smile at Pa. He was very pleased as I think this is the first time I've smiled at someone who's not Mum or Dad.

In the afternoon, we all went went to a barbeque at Mrs Coldbeck's house. It was great: Mum, Dad, Ma and Pa had lots of yummy food to eat and I had loads of cuddles from lots of Mum's teacher friends:

(I had cuddles from lots of other people too, but they somehow escaped the camera)

By the time we got home I was really rather tired. Aunty Cheryl gave me some food, and then I had a very screamy bath. Mum and Dad were very pleased with me in the evening and night as I slept beautifully and didn't wake up until 4am!

Can't believe how big you are! well done Will - you are doing so well and looking very handsome. good to hear you are recovering well from your op too! Watch mum and dad near bbq food as dad has a reputation as a student to take a certain eat as much as you want offer up and win.
William Rhys Margetts you look enormous!!!! What a monster baby! Can't wait to see you smiling. Keep up the good work!

Aunty Ceri xxx
hello there will, wow i can't believe youve grown so big since i last checked your blog!!! and smiles too, i cant wait to see you in person to get one of those!!! sorry weve not blogged on for a while, been really hectic here putting on a musical with work, which was really fab, we performed it at the contact theatre on friday night, i'll tell you all all about it when i see you in the summer. We're all well here, the boys are excited about breaking up for the summer, we're just having a few weekend away this year as we've booked a holiday to visit uncle dave in thailand for christmas - that means we'll have time to visit you all aswell! much love to you all, auntie sal xxx
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