Sunday, July 24, 2005

I've been catching up with my friends from the Unit this week. On Wednesday I went to see Rowan (my friend from the Unit). The Outreach Nurse was visiting him, so we all got on the scales for a "weighing party" (I'm now 7 pounds and 15 ounces; I'm hoping to make it to 8 pounds by next week). And on Friday, I saw Mabli: she's been back at home for about two weeks and seems to be doing really well.

On Sunday, Mum took me to see all her friends at Church. I found being in Church a bit strange: there are quiet sections where you can go to sleep but there are also some very loud bits when everyone sings. Some of the songs sounded familiar though - I think Mum must have sung them before I arrived. Everyone was very pleased to see me, and they gave me a big clap when I went up to the front to see the Vicar. Afterwards, lots of people came to say hello while they drank their coffee. Everyone was very nice.

Later, I had a surprise visit from Uncle Stuart. He was visiting a friend in Monmouth and dropped in to say hello on his way home. I thought Uncle Stuart was great and I smiled at him alot. All the kids in my street were really jealous as he also let me have a go on his new bike:

Now that the weather has gone a bit colder, Mum has been experimenting with my wardrobe. I've not been completely happy with all the combinations she's tried though, as the photo below shows:

Hey Will!
Check out you on the bike! You're the first lucky passenger to be allowed on it. Im his sister and I havent even seen the bike yet, so I am very jealous! I am pleased you enjoyed Stu's visit-he was very pleased to have met you and has been telling us all about it. You are looking wonderful Will and Im so impressed at how much weight you have put on! Send my love to your Mum and Dad.

Lots of love,

Jen xx
Hej Easy Rider!

Like the wheels but take care that your passenger doesn't let go. How much pocket money does one of those things cost?

Hope to see you up North soon.

BBBOOOORRRNNNN TOOOO BBEEE WWWIIIILLLDD!!! Hey Will let me know when Uncle Stu has a long pony tail, beard and a t-shirt that says "if you can read this then my gal has fallen off" on the back..
Hey Will

It was really great to see you and your Mum and Dad this weekend. Thanks for waking up for me. Glad you liked the bike - thought you looked pretty cool there in the saddle.

Was brilliant to meet you after hearing all about your adventures. Keep up the good work on the weight-gain front.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Lots of love to you and your parents

My! how you young things grow up quickly these days! One minute you are giggling about projectile faeces and the next you are all grown up riding motor bikes - and Will, that will be you soon!!

Keep on smiling and growing...

Lots of love

Metty and MichaelXX
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