Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I went to the Paediatric Unit at the Hospital yesterday to have my other Hernia sorted out. My operation was scheduled for 1:30pm, so we went in after my early morning feed, and they put me in a room of my own with an enormous bed for me, a fold-up bed for Mum, several chairs and a TV.

I saw quite a lot of Doctors and Specialists in the morning; all of them wanted to see my Hernia, and one of them drew a great big arrow on my leg to show everyone else where it was. I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything for the whole morning, but being poked helped keep my mind off being hungry. Mum and Dad were suprised by how well I coped, and I only needed my Emergency Dummy for the last hour or so. I think that being warm and sleepy helped: the Hospital is warm at the best of times, and I'd chosen to go in on what must be the hottest few days of the year so far.

Mum and Dad were allowed to come with me as far as the Surgery unit, and then they went off to get some lunch while took me away for the operation. Mum and Dad were a bit worried, but I was fine asa I was getting lots of attention from the Nurses. I don't remember much after that.

I was starving when I came round, but fortunately Mum was there to help me out. I was a bit too sleepy to have much food, but it did make me feel better, and I think Mum and Dad were very pleased to see that I was OK. They took Mum and me back down to my room on a big trolley: Mum said that it felt like being in a giant pram. The journey back took me through some of the main corridors in the Hosptial; we had lots of "Aws" when people saw Mum and me on the trolley.

I spent a lot of time sleeping after that, feeding whenever I woke up. the day past very quickly: Mum and Dad had their tea then watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off and before long it was time for bed.

I managed to have lots of fun with my monitors in the night, especially as the Nurses had them set to maximum volume so that they could hear it from their desk in the corrior. With Bear's help, I found could set them off long enough to make them get up from their desk, only to make them stop as soon as they got to the door. It was also very effective at keeping Mum and Dad awake while they tried to get some sleep on the fold-up bed: at full volume they're quite devastating close range, particularly in the quiet of the night. By the time morning arrived, I was feeling much better. Mum and Dad looked a bit tired though.

The Doctors came to see me at about 10am this morning, looked at my wound, prodded me a bit and then said that I could go home. It can sometimes take a while to get all the paperwork done for a discharge, but things moved very quickly and I was home by midday. It's good to be home.

Hello Mr Man,
I am glad your operation went well but I am even more glad to hear that you and Bear were being little scamps with your machines and keeping everyone on their toes - good work little one! I can't believe how brilliantly you are doing and I am beside myself with excitement about meeting you one day (I am sure Auntie Ceri can confirm this!). Keep doing well and I shall await the next installment with baited breath!
Lots of love,
Annie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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