Thursday, June 09, 2005

Today was a bit tiring, as I had to go back to the hospital. I'm sure you remember that the Consultants stopped some of my medicines last week so that they could establish a baseline for various things in my blood. Well, I went back to the hospital today so that they could do the baseline blood tests. All the tests were done in the Children's Hospital rather than the Neonatal Unit, so I didn't get to see as many of my old friends as I'd hoped (although I did see one of my Doctor friends: the people in the Children's Hospital aren't used to dealing with babies as small as me, so they had to draft in some help from the Neonatal Unit to find a suitable place to take the blood samples from).

Everyone said I was very brave. The worst thing about it was that it took quite a long time to get all the samples they needed, and I was starving before they started. I was so hungry afterwards that I guzzled my feed rather quickly, and I had tummyache until half of it bounced back up and went all over the nice new chairs they have in the Children's Hospital. I think Mum was embarassed, but I felt much better.

The Outreach Nurse came to see me yesterday: I'm now 5 pounds 4 ounces (2.38kg)! Mum and Dad have noticed that my head has started to fill out: it used to be somewhat squashed because my skull is still quite soft and pliable, but it's much rounder than it used to be. She also said that I was very strong, and that I had good head control, but I think that's just Medicalspeak for "he's a bit of a wriggler!".

Finally, Mum and Dad asked me to say thankyou very much for all your kind comments about the end of the daily blog. They said that it's not the end of this blog but an adjustment of the frequency of the posts. They'll update it twice a week or so, and more if anything interesting has happened, so please do keep checking back.

Throwing up on a new chair at the Children's Hospital sounds like A Smart Move to me - far more fun than splattering smelly sick all over an old one, and it might make them think twice before they try to do any more nasty blood tests there. And the picture makes you look so innocent too!
Hello Will, I have been doing some research assisted by Jamie and we have found several ancestors called William Margetts, I will write them down and send them to you, - Grandpa Tony
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