Thursday, June 16, 2005

This has been something of a busy week! On Monday I met Ewan and Aunty Claire for a walk in the park. Ewan is much bigger than me, even though he's only 9 months old:

On Tuesday I had my second set of immunisations. I don't like having injections. Normally lots of babies would be dealt with all at the same time in an Immunisation Clinic at the Doctors, but I had to be done separately because I'm still very prone to infection. It took a while for the Receptionist to find an empty room to put me in, but once I was there everything was over very quickly: I was very brave and I didn't hardly scream at all. It made me feel a bit grotty for a few days afterwards, but thanks to the magic of Calpol I didn't complain at all.

It was Dad's birthday on Wednesday, and Nana and Grandpa came to see us. It's been several weeks since either of them have visited and I've put on loads of weight since then. They arrived just as the Outreach Nurse was leaving (I'm now 5 pounds 11 ounces, or as Dad likes to say, "fat"). We all went out for a walk in the rain in the afternoon, but somehow we ended up in the pub (all visits by grandparents seem to end up with us all going to the pub: how does that happen?)

They also brought some presents from Uncle Dave. I particularly liked Ultraman (he's a Super Hero who's really big in Thailand): if I lie on his tummy I can chew on his nose. I've got some growing to do though: Ultraman is much the same size as my friend Ewan.

I had to go back to the hospital on Friday to have some more blood tests. They've still not quite got my medication quite right, so I'll have to go back again on Monday for some more.

Wow! I've been longing to be able to call you chubby cheeks ansd by the look of that picture with you and ultraman, I can now do it with a cerain amount of truth! keep going, grandson, and we'll see you in about 10 days if all goes to plan, Ma & Pa
Hey Will!

Glad to see you are making friends now you are back home. I am sure you will be as big as Ewan soon, though - you're getting bigger every day and soon you'll be able to take on Ultra Man and win! (as well as the Mog!) Wish your Grandad Happy Birthday from me - I have just got home after walking up Snowdon...voluntarily. You won't know what a big deal that is but I just hope for your parents sake that you turn out to be a more willing walker than I was....

Love Jen xxx
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