Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The Outreach Nurse came agan today (or as Mum likes to call her, the Outrage Nurse) to weigh me and to do a few more blood tests to fine-tune my supplements. I've been putting on about an ounce a day (which is normal for a baby my size), and I'm now four pounds and fifteen ounces (or 2.25kg for the metricly inclined). The blood tests were a bit inconclusive, so they're going to stop giving me some of my medicines for a week before running the tests again. Stopping things for a while before retesting will give them a baseline to help them sort out which things in my blood are coming from me and which things are coming from the various drugs I'm taking.

Ma and Pa were being useful again today: Ma did a sterling job of reorganising the spare room and Pa helped Dad put a new unit from Ikea together for the bathroom. Aunty Cheryl and Aunty Pen came along later to have a quick look at me, but I was a bit grumpy as I was really sleepy and I wanted my tea. in fact, I've been really sleepy all day; I think all the fresh air I've been getting on our afternoon walks has started to catch up with me.

Just catching up with all your news. I hope your other grandparents did all the jobs your mum and dad have been saving for such a visitation - this will mean fewer jobs for me in June and therefore more time to play with your toys). In rush because seeing Uncle Dave this weekend (BigMangoDave to you)

Love to all
PS Lovely pictures - although I thought you were looking quite big until I saw you on your play mat - the pictures are bigger than you are!
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