Friday, June 03, 2005

Mum and Dad were a bit tired today. They seem to think it was something to do with me keeping them awake in the middle of the night, but in my defense I'd been a little bit sick and I needed a cuddle. I usually only wake up once or twice during the night, but I think I was feeling a bit out of sorts last night. Anyway, everyone felt much chirpier after we all had a nap after lunch, and we all went out for a walk in the afternoon after the rain stopped.

Keep it to once or twice a night for feeds, young Man! Pa & I are off to Dubrovnic for a few days, but aim to keep in touch via the wonders of the mobile phone - you will no doubt be greatly changed by the time we see your picture at the end of the week!

Lots of love, Ma xxxxxx
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