Sunday, June 12, 2005

I've been very windy the past few nights, and when I get windy I feel the need to tell Mum and Dad about it very loudly. None of us have slept quite as well as we hoped, but this weekend has been nice and quiet and we've been using it to catch up on sleep and relax.

Bathtime has become much more bareable since I've noticed the fascinating plumbing in the bathroom:

I can stare at these pipes without getting bored for at least ten minutes. I find it really calms me down after the traumatic experience of being dressed after a bath. Even better, I've aso discovered that my Nursery has some pipes in it too; I can see them from my changing mat and these are just as exciting.

The Mog seems to be coping quite well with my arrival, but I sometimes catch her looking a bit sad when I'm getting attention from Mum and Dad. I think she gets a bit jealous. She's sniffed me once or twice, and she's put her tail on my head several times, but otherwise she seems to ignore me. She really doesn't like it when I make a lot of noise though.

The question is, are you bigger than The Mog, or is she bigger than you? A word of warning, don’t even think about being anything other than nice to her until you are sure you can win!
Hi Will,

I have sent you a popular Asian superhero called "Ultraman" to scare that mog away and make sure that all your other teddies play nicely. He is a pretty tough guy by all acounts so maybe a good one to use for throwing out of your cot at your Dad.. this is best done near 3:00am just after you think he has finally gone to sleep! Happy growing bigger Will,

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