Monday, June 20, 2005

It was really hot this weekend. Saturday night was the worst: it was really hot and humid and I don't think mum and Dad had quite understood quite how warm I was. I was completely inconsolable: I drank and drank but I was still thirsty even after I completely emptied Mum. Adding to the problem was that I really hate having no clothes on, but it was too hot to wear even a vest. As you might imagine, I got into a bit of a state and it took a long time to calm me down. The only place I was comfortable was lying on Mum's lap with my bottom in the air. Thankfully, it got cooler as it got later, and I was much better by the early hours of the morning.

We had lots of visitors over the weekend, including Aunty Angie and Uncle Phil, Aunty Aimee and Uncle Mark, and Aunty Cheryl. They were all pleased to see how much I'd grown.

On Monday, Aunty Louisa and her son Thomas came to see us. They'd been at the Three Counties Show for the weekend, and they dropped in to see me on their way home. We met them at the park by the hospital, as I had to go back in to have a few more blood tests. After kunch, we went out to Roath park for an ice cream. Everyone had a good time and I really enjoyed playing with Thomas, as he's full of energy and a bit of a live wire. I can't wait until I'm old enough to play with him properly.

Will, i am so pleased to see the Horrocks genes are kicking in and you are starting to get a bit rounded! Lookign forward to seeing you tomorrow on my way to Cornwall - first one down the bumpy slide in Roath Park is the winner! xxx
Hi Will!
You are looking more and more grown up by the day - it was really hot, wasn't it so I am not surprised you got in a bit of a huff. Still, you are looking nice and cool on the picture. Mum to the rescue as usual.
I bet it was nice to see aunty Amy and uncle Andrew. I hope they behaved themselves, though...they can be a bit rowdy at times....

Lots of love, Jen x
Hi Will

Glad to hear everything is progressing well. I can sympathise with the difficulties of sleeping during these hot nights. Will try the bottom in the air trick if you say it works.

Take it easy


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