Thursday, June 02, 2005

I had a quiet day today. In fact, I spent most of it asleep. Or at least I tried to spend most of it asleep: Dad gets worried that I won't sleep at night if I sleep during the day, and so he tries to keep me awake by carrying me around the house showing me things while talking to me in a Really Loud Voice. It doesn't work though; after eleven weeks in the hosptial I can sleep through anything.

I did have a nice bath in the evening though. I'm slowly beginning to enjoy the whole bathtime experience, particularly the bit where I get to splash water at whooever is holding me. But I still have difficulty relaxing when people take all my clothes off to put me in there: it's just not natural to have nothing on.

I have been reading this & its wonderful. I imagine Will as a talking baby!!! He has done so well, I have shed a tear or 10! Well done to you all & good luck for the future!
Hey Wills

You are looking fine my laddo! no more tubes, and bath time every day... wonder when you'll get some hair?

I'm glad that ya ma and pa ain't gonna put naked pics of you up there, there are some things which are better left alone ;-) and there'll be less chance of future girlfriends seeing them ;-)

Big hugs for a big guy!

Fi (in London)
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